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Published: November 3, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Players say the mouse and keyboard are ruining the game
  • They say it gives PC users an unfair advantage in ranked play
  • PC players can “trick” the game that they are using a controller

The fact that PC users can use aim assist in Overwatch 2 is unbalanced and unfair, according to many fans.

Players Say Crossplay Has a Big Issue

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few weeks now, and although the game has seen a huge popularity boost with hundreds of thousands of players duking it out, fans still find many issues with it. These can range from the multitude of bugs the game has been experiencing, to complaining about the high prices for skins. But recently, players, specifically those using consoles, have pointed out another problem with the game. 

Many have stated that it is unfair to battle with people using a mouse and keyboard. Overwatch 2 has crossplay, meaning console players often mingle with PC players. This means they have to often compete with the more precise movements and aiming of a mouse. Furthermore, a mouse allows its user to more quickly rotate the aiming point around, as controllers usually have fixed rotation speeds. Also, a mouse user can more easily vary the speed of rotation during the movement itself.

To make things more balanced, FPS games usually have aim assist included with the console version of the game. Although PC gamers often say that this is also an unfair advantage for console users, it seems that games with aim assist for consoles seem more balanced. 

Fans Express Their Dissatisfaction

But this is where the crux of Overwatch 2’s crossplay is. The game has aim assist for both console and desktop, essentially negating any balancing the console players had. A Reddit thread discussed this fact in length. “Imagine entering a game to find your team absolutely demolished by someone who hits all headshots and makes 180 in half a second,” the post reads. “I don’t understand how is it feasible to go against people who already from the get go have a mechanical advantage.”

Many commenters agreed with the original poster’s words. The advantage that a more precise aiming method gives, combined with the easier aiming acquisition, is a potent combination. Using a keyboard and mouse on certain consoles isn’t typically allowed. However, some players use a Xim keyboard and mouse adapter which allows them to “trick” the game into thinking they’re using a controller. 

The problem is more evident in higher elo competitive play. “Imagine that’s what their whole team is like in the lobby every game and that’s high elo,” one commenter wrote in regards to the balancing issues of ranked play. Hopefully, Blizzard will take note and will apply the necessary changes. 

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