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Published: April 25, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch 2 will soon launch its beta but some players have already tested an alpha build
  • They reported that the game feels much more polished than its predecessor
  • The new additions and changes seem to be working great but it is yet to be seen how the community will react to them

Overwatch 2 will launch its closed beta on April 26 and provide fans with a refreshed competitive experience. Dot Esports journalists got to test an earlier build of the game and compiled a list of things fans should forward to.

Overwatch 2 Is Much More Polished

The characters fans have grown to know and love are back and almost each one of them has received some minor or major gameplay and/or visual changes.

The journalists reported that Activision Blizzard has heard the community’s concerns and has toned down the annoying abilities that broke the game’s balance. Moves like Brigitte’s Shield Bash, Cassidy’s Flashbang and Mei’s Endothermic Blaster have either been nerfed, replaced or removed. Moves that used to be weaker or too risky, on the other hand, have received slight changes to make them more viable.

The characters that got full reworks also perform great, the journalists said. Tank heroes such as Orisa and Doomfist are working great and are much more intuitive to play than they have ever been before.

New Additions Make the Game Feel Fresh

The testers also reported that Overwatch 2 has added an additional layer of polish to all the things fans are used to. The user interface has been updated, the sound design has been improved and the game overall feels much smoother. The journalists added the game’s new ping system is a great addition to the game and works as intended.

Speaking of new additions, Overwatch 2 will introduce a brand new game mode called Push. It will come equipped with two maps called Colosseo and New Queen Street. Push is going to be a replacement for the familiar Assault game mode. As of now, it is a much fresher experience that is less predictable than its predecessor.

Taking a look at the gameplay itself, the new five versus five format seems to be working just fine. While many fans were concerned about the removal of a tank slot, Dot Esports’ testers said that the game is now faster-paced and more impactful. The journalists admitted that this experience isn’t for everyone but are sure that many Overwatch old-timers will like it.

Tanks are now much more influential, unlike in Overwatch’s first iteration where a single DPS with a little bit of support could change the course of an entire game. Right now the death of a tank means an almost certain defeat for the rest of the tea. This is sure to affect esports as the role of a tank will now require much more effort and will be of higher importance than ever before.

The New Character Is Strong but Isn’t Undefeatable

Last but not least, a new character will be making itself into the game. Sojourn is the first new hero in over two years and is a blast to play, Dot Esports reported. The testers said that her railgun is a delight to fire and is something that is truly aesthetically pleasing.

The character’s special abilities are just as cool. Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot slows down the players it manages to hit. While it’s easily evaded, the shot may result in a player’s death if it lands. Sojourn’s ultimate move, Overclock, raises her attack power drastically but is active only for a limited time.

It will be exciting to see some thrilling esports clutches using the new hero’s moves. As of now, it cannot be said for certain how viable they will be in practice but they certainly feel a lot more balanced than Echo and Bridgitte’s moves were at the time of the characters’ release.

Fans will soon be able to try out Overwatch 2’s beta. Starting May, the OWL will return and will see the top players try out an early build of the game. It is exciting to see how the best of the best will adapt to the changes.

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