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Published: April 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The hero is set to receive a large rework with the start of OW2’s Season 4
  • She will be able to once again stun opponents, as well as have increased health and armor
  • This could make her as OP as she was when first released

With Brigitte’s imminent rework coming to Season 4 of the game, many fans, including top players and streamers, worry this would be a return of one of the worse metas from Overwatch 1.

Brigitte Is Getting a Big Rework

Like many other competitive games, Overwatch 2 is in constant need of rebalancing. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the performance of various elements of the game oscillating between too powerful and too weak, with this pattern repeating over and over again after various patches. `

Brigitte is certainly one such element, with the hero dominating the battlefield in Overwatch 1, but taking a backstage seat after the game’s overhaul in autumn. Her performance suffered so much that fans constantly pestered Blizzard to buff the hero. Their voices were finally heard when Blizzard announced Brigitte is getting a rework with the start of OW’s Season 3. 

A lot of the effort put into her rework is centered around the hero’s ultimate. “Next up, we’re looking to address Brigitte’s ultimate ability Rally to be more engaging and powerful when she is using the ultimate,” Blizzard said. “Brigitte now gains a fixed amount of recoverable armor and powers her shield up with increased size and health, along with the ability to stun.”

However, although Brigitte mains will be delighted to hear this, many players from the Overwatch community fear the hero might once again be too powerful. 

Fans Think She Might Become OP Again

Following Blizzard’s announcement and subsequent information and videos released by them, many veteran Overwatch players were immediately reminded of Brigitte on release and how powerful she was back then. The return of the stun on Brig’s shield bash, which can now interrupt Rein shield, D.Va ultimate, and others, seems to be the main point of controversy. 

Many top-500 players were skeptical that the change would be balanced. Overwatch streamer Flats explained that the changes make Brigitte almost as tanky as Reinhardt, which she was when she was first released a few years ago. “They actually made Brig better than Reinhardt. What the f*ck are you doing?” the streamer exclaimed.

Many other players also think the buff is too much. “Brig is back in a spot where she can carry damage, healing, and blocked all at once. The change is a nice mixup but completely unwarranted and frankly makes the ult utterly overloaded,” wrote one fan in the Reddit post discussing the new Brig changes. 

Brigitte’s massive changes seem to be a part of Blizzard’s bigger plan to change the support gameplay as the new season begins. This seems to be supported by the fact the company is releasing OW2’s new support Lifeweaver, who is said to change the support meta. 

Some players speculated that Blizzard will roll back on Brig’s buffs once they realize she might be too OP, but we’ll see if this happens after Season 4 rolls out today on April 11.

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