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Published: April 12, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Lifeweaver launched at the start of Overwatch 2’s new season
  • He brings a complicated arsenal of abilities that fans deem too hard to use
  • They have particular problems with his healing and dodging skills

It’s been just a day since Overwatch 2’s new support hero Lifeweaver has been out, but fans are already asking Blizzard to fix the character’s complicated key bindings.

Players Are Already Disgruntled

With the arrival of Season 4 of Overwatch, Blizzard continues to diversify its wide pool of heroes. The game’s new update, which launched on April 11, saw many changes, from minor fixes to rebalancing of old characters. However, most people’s attention was directed at Overwatch 2’s new support hero Lifeweaver, who will likely shake the current meta. 

Despite being out for less than a day, however, fans are already asking Blizzard to change the hero’s “clunky” features. Lifeweaver brings a variety of skills to the game, focused on rescuing teammates out of bad situations and disrupting the enemy team’s plans. To accomplish this, he has to utilize, what’s been described by many as “clunky and weird” shooting, healing, and movement controls, which is the main concern that players have with the new hero. 

Lifeweaver has been out for less than a day, but fans are already discussing how his unorthodox keybindings can be fixed. In a recent post on the Overwatch subreddit, many players from the community tried to brainstorm potential solutions to the hero’s quite convoluted control scheme. 

Fans Discuss How to Fix Lifeweaver

A chief point of irritation for many players is the fact Lifeweaver has two weapons, much like Mercy. Healing Blossom is a chargeable ability that restores large chunks of health as the name suggests, and Thorn Volley is an SMG-like weapon that is his damage dealer. This means that players would have to switch back and forth between them often, which is a point of irritation for many.

After discussing it, many fans agreed that Lifeweaver’s healing ability should just be binded to the mouse’s right-click, much like it is with Moira and Kiriko. “They could’ve easily had one button for healing and the other for damage, then have his default animation the healing one and then change it to the damage version while he’s shooting,” one top-voted comment reads. 

Lifeweaver’s dodge ability is also a point of dissatisfaction to many fans. A lot of them suggested that Blizzard change his dodge to something closer to Hanzo’s control scheme. Other fans complained that Lifeweaver has so many abilities that they had to unbind voice lines in order to accommodate them.The new hero is not the only issue people have with the new season. Many have expressed concerns that Brigitte’s new ult rework could again make her OP. Meanwhile, Lifeweaver is certainly making an impact, but it’s not exactly the kind that Blizzard expected. Although he has been out for just a day, he has already thrown up some dust in the Overwatch community.

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