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Published: April 29, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch 2’s closed beta is here and streamers are already broadcasting their experiences with the game
  • The new title has quickly shattered Twitch viewership records as countless fans want to see what’s new
  • The beta will run until May 17, so there is ample time to see what’s new in Overwatch’s second iteration

Overwatch 2’s closed beta shattered the franchise’s Twitch viewership record in less than two hours. xQc singlehandedly brought 100,000 people, helping exceed the previous record.

Overwatch 2’s Closed Beta Set a New Record

The wait is over! The Overwatch 2 closed beta is finally here and professional gamers and lucky applicants are already testing out Blizzard’s new title. The interest in the game was so great that it quickly shattered the franchise’s viewership record.

According to Twitch Tracker statistics, the game reached 469,000 concurrent viewers on the platform in just two hours – a number that exceeds the previous record by a noticeable margin. xQc, one of the most prominent Twitch streamers, singlehandedly contributed more than a fifth of this number by gathering an audience of over 100,000 people on his stream.

As a reference, Overwatch’s first iteration had a peak viewership of around 439,000 – a number it reached back in January 2018 when the Overwatch League opened its first season. Back then, around 373,000 viewers were watching the official OWL stream on Twitch. However, this record was never replicated as the OWL later signed a deal to move all of its official broadcasts to YouTube.

Fans Can’t Get to See More of the Game

Overwatch 2 is a highly-anticipated title despite the many hurdles it faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the controversies surrounding its parent company, Activision Blizzard. The game will bring back the atmospheric sci-fi shooter fans love and will polish the mechanics and characters more than ever.

Early testers have reported that the game is better in every aspect, although not all changes are for everyone. While some might miss the 6v6 format, testers said that the 5v5 works just fine and the game feels very smooth and more enjoyable to play.

Countless fans and prominent streamers had been invited to try out the closed beta. Blizzard even handed out invites as Twitch drops to meet the great demands. Those who couldn’t get an invitation can see what’s new by watching Overwatch 2 content on Twitch. The beta will run until May 17, so there is plenty of time to get familiarized with the upcoming title.

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