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Published: July 20, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • An Overwatch Contenders admin was released from duty
  • The reason was a racist statement from 2016
  • The admin who got fired was also involved in the recent Noble vs. Ardour situation

The one who sought and found the statement was a begrudged supporter of Noble who was left disgruntled by Xou’s unfair demeanor during the recent Noble versus Ardour drama. 

A Controversial Admin Decision

The very same administrator who participated in the Noble versus Ardour drama has been released from duty, although the reasons were different and didn’t concern the recent uproar. Apparently, a five-year-old racist statement has been unearthed and led to the removal of the administrator Xou, going by the tag EUProd10, from his position. 

The aforementioned Noble-Ardour situation concerns a match that took place a week ago on July 14. The game was at its most climactic point when one of Noble’s players got disconnected. As a rule, when one is disconnected, the game is paused, and they have 10 minutes to return. However, the player couldn’t log back within this time limit. This led to a dilemma: to wait some more or to continue as the rules state. In Ardour, players, in a sportsmanlike manner, offered their own 10 minutes of wait time to their opponents. However, that demand was overruled by administrator EUProd10 who demanded to continue the game as per the rules. 

Because Noble was short of a person, they ended up losing the game. Noble fans were not happy with Xou’s controversial decision as it led to an unbalanced game and called for the administrator’s resignation or firing. 

According to Overwatch esports professional Rick “GiG” Salazar, Ardour should have been allowed to use their own 10 minutes to give Noble’s player more chance to return to the game. GiG noted that it was a tragic fact that the game had to finish in such an unbalanced manner. 

Xou’s Past Returned to Haunt Him

As mentioned, Xou got fired but not because of his controversial decision to continue the game between Noble and Ardour. Instead, it happened because of a past racist comment. The statement was unearthed by a Noble supporter who found a five-year-old conversation between the administrator and Rod “Slasher” Breslau. 

Overwatch Contenders didn’t specify Xou was the one being removed and only vaguely condemned the racist comments, but later Xou himself admitted to it. Xou apologized for both his past comment and for causing the Noble versus Ardour drama. 

Even with one administrator less, the Overwatch Contenders will continue. 

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