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Published: September 19, 2021

Written by: David

  • Fans will finally be hearing of Overwatch 2 once again
  • During the Overwatch League finals important rework and redesign updates will be revealed
  • Most importantly, professionals will get to play the game in a featured match

Overwatch 2 developers announced more news about the game will be revealed during the OWL grand finals. 

Exciting Overwatch 2 Update

Big news about everyone anticipating Overwatch 2 – more details about the sequel will be showcased at the Overwatch League grand finals on September 25. That will include details about character redesign, balance changes, and reworks. The news was announced by the developers themselves in a short video, published on Overwatch’s official Twitter page.

The curious new Overwatch 2 peek will be broadcasted as segments during the pre-show and halftime breaks. The developers announced that it will be primarily focused on the reworks of two heroes – Bastion and Sombra. Both will be receiving design changes to better fit the popular game’s sequel. The developers promised to explain more about the design philosophy behind the new visual upgrades on top of talking about the changes in the two heroes’ gameplay.

Other than news about the game and its characters, fans will get to behold an actual test game where professionals will have a match, using the new rules that cut the tanks’ number in half. This is especially exciting to hear following all the fan concerns for Overwatch 2’s delay.

Rekindling Fans’ Hype

It is good that fans are finally seeing more content to respark their hype. Although Overwatch 2’s release was so eagerly awaited, the hype died out with time. The problems and scandals that Activision Blizzard faced didn’t do well to regain fan trust.

One of the worst obstacles the company is facing currently is the lawsuit by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. It led to franchise owners and sponsors quickly losing their trust in the Overwatch League, which led to concerns about the game’s competitive future.

The eventual news of Overwatch 2’s delay added to fans’ worries as the game was initially intended to come out much sooner. Because of the delay, some people went as far as speculating the competitive league will be going on a year-long hiatus.

This turned out to be wrong, of course, with the developers announcing that the fifth season will actually use an early build of Overwatch 2 and the game’s public release will come shortly after.

In any case, it’s good to hear of Overwatch 2 once again. Fans who want to learn more should stay tuned for the promo segments during the OWL finals.

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