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Published: June 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Mei received a rework to her primary a couple of days ago
  • It was intended as a buff against targets with high health
  • However, a recent glitch renders this buff essentially nullified

A serious glitch manifests when players switch Mei with another hero and back to her again, which renders her recent buff useless.

Glitch Breaks Mei’s Weapon

Bugs in video games can range from being slightly amusing, through being somewhat annoying, to actually being absolutely game-breaking, and it seems lately Overwatch 2 has been teeming with the latter. The latest victim of them are Mei mains, as their favorite hero’s primary fire transformation has been almost completely nullified, despite her recently receiving an important rework.

Following the update on June 13, which was “intended to bring back some of the gameplay and feeling Mei’s primary fire used to have previously,” the hero now has to bear the unintended consequences of the glitch, which effectively nullifies her buff. Once a player picks Mei, they should not change, to the bug manifests itself.

Her DPS was reduced from 100 to 55 and its slow is no longer always 40% and now scales from 30-50%. However, it now builds up to a slowing effect that sticks to the enemy target for 1.5 seconds and slows them for 75% and secondary fire impacts can detonate this new slow effect, dealing an additional 40 damage. It might be a bit of a gimmicky rework, but when it works, it does so decently well. The changing of heroes, however, completely nullifies the buff.

As showcased in this video, Mei’s new overpowered primary and secondary fire combo becomes useless as her Icicle’s damage plummets. The extra damage, that was supposed to easily take down an opponent with 200 health, simply stops being dealt once a player switches to another hero and then back to Mei. This means that if a player picks the hero at the beginning of a game, they should probably not change, or they will lose the benefit of Mei’s recent buff.

Blizzard has not seemed to have addressed the issue in any way, despite players raising the alarm. Mei’s primary’s rework has already received criticism from fans, despite the fact it was intended as a buff. It seems this is yet another serious glitch that seems to compound the already existing issues of Overwatch 2’s Season Five. Just last week, Mercy was also suffering from a game-breaking glitch, but this time it was to her advantage. Mercy mains were able to take an entire lobby hostage by exploiting a glitch on Paraiso that drops everyone’s FPS to unplayable levels, except the player controlling her, making it easy for them to mop the floor with everybody.

With the number of glitches seemingly growing every day, Blizzard will have a tough time addressing them, as fans are getting increasingly disgruntled with the current state of Overwatch 2.

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