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Published: October 17, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • A glitch keeps players stuck at the spawn point during overtime
  • Games could last more than an hour and end automatically without anyone winning
  • Players joked about the issue after one of them captured it on video

Overwatch 2 has seen a ton of bugs since its launch two weeks ago and the latest one is both game-breaking and hilarious.

New Bug Keeps Players At Spawn

Fans have been pestering Blizzard to make a sequel to the highly popular hero-based shooter Overwatch and after literally waiting years, Overwatch 2 came to replace the original game. But the launch wasn’t as smooth as many would hope, as the game is riddled with bugs and other issues two weeks after its release. 

Blizzard has neem tirelessly working on hotfixes, but problems continue to emerge, and the latest game-breaking glitch gets players stuck in the spawn point. The bug was captured by an Overwatch player and posted on the Overwatch subreddit along with a description saying the game was not even able to be completed. 

The match had entered into overtime but the enemy team was not able to leave the spawn. The video shows the player and his teammates shooting at the closed door of the enemy team’s spawn in an effort to trick the game and have the match continue. This was, however, all in vain. 

But a player from the enemy team saw the Reddit post and commented that the match had been going on for over 50 minutes. The player later edited his comment writing “Laser (The Wrecking Ball) just rejoined after they played 2 normal matches lmao.” Eventually, the match finished automatically for lasting too long, although it does not become clear from the comment section how long the match lasted.

How the Overwatch Community Reacted to the Bug

Although the glitch is kind of hilarious, it can be quite devastating if it happens during ranked Competitive play. Other Overwatch players commented that they have had similar problems and issues when the game goes into overtime and is unable to be completed properly. 

There are, however, some ways players have found to get around this glitch. On some maps, players may be able to phase through the closed door by jumping into it, while on others, it’s possible to clip through the spawn doors by running into them at an angle.

Despite the glitch’s game-breaking properties, players still found a way to joke about it. “Enemy team forgot to buy the open door feature in the shop,” wrote one player, alluding to the many microtransactions Blizzard added to Overwatch 2. “It’s the new battle royal mode where you wait to see who is the last one to get bored enough to leave,” wrote another. This glitch is yet another proof that Blizzard needs to put a lot more work into Overwatch 2, but fortunately the game’s latest Patch 3.38 fixes a lot of issues. This bug, however, will have to wait for Blizzard’s next hotfix.

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