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Published: May 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It makes Doomfist’s block completely useless against certain other heroes
  • A popular Doomfist main sounded the alarm about the new bug
  • He joked that it would take years to fix the issue, alluding to Blizzard’s slow updates

Following the latest Overwatch 2 patch, there is a bug that allows many heroes’ abilities to completely ignore Doomfist’s block and deliver their entire damage.

Bug Breaks Doomfist

Games like Overwatch 2 are obviously constantly being updated in order to keep their content fresh and their gameplay balanced. However, game developers are not immune from making mistakes and sometimes these materialize in patches that break certain aspects of the game.

This appears to have happened with Overwatch 2’s latest update, which launched on May 9 as it seems that the patch has completely broken Doomfist’s block ability. The issue was made known by GetQuakedOn, an Overwatch content creator who describes himself as a Doomfist specialist. After testing out the game’s new patch, he sounded the alarm on Twitter, pointing out other Heroes’ abilities that Doomfist’s block cannot control, as of the release of the latest patch.

According to the content creator, the ability is virtually useless against: Brigitte’s Bash and Whip, Junkrat’s Ultimate, Lucio’s Boop, Moira’s Ultimate, Orisa’s Ultimate, Reinhardt’s Charge and Ultimate, Roadhog’s Hook, Zara’s Ultimate, and more. When a player tries to block one of these abilities, they will take full damage and not build any Rocket Punch charge. This is so bad because it deprives Doomfist mains of their primary defensive ability, along with his best way to build charge. This nullifies a lot of the tanking potential of the hero.

GetQuakedOn additionally posted a short video on YouTube explaining the situation and sarcastically explaining, sarcastically, when he thinks the issue is going to be fixed. “I highly recommend you do not play Doomfist until this bug is fixed, which might take a few years, but that’s not something we Doomfist mains are not used to,” GetQuakedOn joked. 

“When this big gets fixed, just keep in mind it’s actually not fixed and will somehow end up even worse,” he continued his sarcastic rant. “So it’s also gonna take an additional year or two, we’re looking at three or four years minimum, five the max. At this point, I recommend you learn a new hero and drop Doomfist, because we know this bug isn’t going to get fixed at all, let alone be fixed properly. It’s the Blizzard polish we all know and love,” GetQuakedOn concluded.Overwatch 2’s latest patch tweaked a few Doomfist features, but the devs did not take into account the bugs that may occur, leading to the current predicament. This will only hurt his already low performance. The Talon leader has been picked in 1.82 percent of matches in the last three months and has a win rate of 49 percent, according to Overbuff. This is not the worst position he can be in, but chances are his performance and pickrate will degrade if Blizzard does not quickly do something about the issue.

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