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Published: June 19, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch 2’s current season has concluded and fans are awaiting their post-season points
  • However, many have not yet received their rewards and are sounding the alarm
  • The same issue was present last season as well

Fans are once again criticizing Blizzard for their seeming lack of proper management of OW2 as many players report not receiving their post-seasonal rewards.

Fans Are Left without Rewards

With the end of the current season of Overwatch 2 come many rewards, but unfortunately for many fans, they do not arrive without their issues. It seems that post-season points are missing for a large number of players and despite Blizzard support staff being aware of the problem, many fans have yet to receive their rewards.

The issue was raised by many, with one Reddit user sharing screenshots of his conversation with Blizzard support staff. Despite reaching out to the company, the player’s efforts were in vain as they did not receive their platinum titles. In response, the Overwatch 2 support staff simply advised the player to “post on the forums so that we can increase visibility” to get the Development team to look at the issue.

In their frustration, the player responded by asking the support staff to check said forums, including Reddit, where hundreds of others have already posted about the issue. The player criticized Blizzard for not checking the proof of the problem they have sent the company and also explained that this is not the first time they have run across such an issue.

Many other Overwatch 2 fans chimed in on the discussion, saying they have also not received their ranked rewards. A lot of them criticized Blizzard for not being competent enough in the way they handle the game, a phenomenon that seems to have become a staple of the OW2 community in recent times. “Is Blizzard competent even a bit when it comes to Overwatch at this point?” one disgruntled fan wrote, to which a few others responded with a laconic “No”.

Arguably, the latest wave of criticism started when a few weeks ago fans accused Blizzard of lying about the game’s PvE content. The game mode, which was one of the most-anticipated features to be implemented in Overwatch, has been delayed time and time again. This in itself infuriated many fans, but Blizzard’s recent announcements regarding the mode being sidelined were the final drop that overfilled the cup for many OW2 fans. 

Back to the points problem – many players believe Blizzard simply does not learn from their mistakes, as the same issue has popped up in the previous season. Some fans joked that they would be more surprised if they’d received the rewards on time. 

It’s unknown when, or even if, Blizzard is going to properly address the issue. If they don’t, many players would be left without compensation after grinding the entire season.

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