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Published: December 16, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Overwatch 2 devs tease upcoming changes to the hero
  • Junker Queen will also receive several buffs
  • Details about the changes are expected to be released in the coming weeks

Junker Queen has been in need of some buffs and Blizzard recently teased that changes are coming which will help her hero identity stand out.

Junker Queen Needs Buffs

We are well into the second season of Overwatch 2 and so far, Blizzard seems to be keeping its promise about having a lot of live updates to the game. The first iteration of the game suffered from a pronounced lack of content in the final seasons of its existence, so it is still too early t say of Blizzard is going to keep its promise for the future. But for now, it seems OW2’s devs are eager to work on the game and they have recently teased “spicy” changes that will come to Junker Queen in an upcoming mid-season update. 

The tank is one of the few heroes who have been released for OW2. Despite her short time in the game, fans have already suggested Junker Queen needs a buff. It seems that blizzard has finally heard the plight of the fans and is working on changes for the hero, which may help her hero identity stand out. 

Blizzard Is Working on Big Changes

The identity of Junker Queen, similarly to other new heroes like Kiriko and Ramattra, is a little hard to pin down. Although she is classified as a tank, she possesses so many different mechanics sprinkled throughout her kit. On the one hand, this allows for a good degree of versatility in-game, but on the other, her extensive toolkit is somewhat difficult to get used to for new players. Not only that, but she has always seemed to lack something, making her somewhat underpowered, according to many fans.

Fortunately, much-needed changes are on the horizon. In a recent Twitch stream, Alec Dawson, the Lead Hero Designer for Overwatch 2, talked to content creator EmonGG about what Blizzard plans for the character. Describing these plans as “a really spicy change”, Dawson said that this will help Junker Queen stand out. These changes will include a lot of buffs, and according to Overwatch cavalry, they will be introduced in the mid-season patch.

Dawson didn’t talk in depth about what exactly these changes will be, but chances are that Blizzard will unveil more information in the coming weeks. At least fans of the hero now know that she is being worked upon.

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