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Published: December 8, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Overwatch 2’s new season has arrived
  • Blizzard is releasing a new hero along with new skins
  • They can be acquired through Twitch drops

To celebrate the start of Overwatch 2’s new season, Blizzard is collaborating with Twitch to give away drops for the newest tank Ramattra. 

Blizzard Releases Ramattra

Overwatch 2’s first season proved to be a success despite the many issues the game had in its first weeks of launch. True to their promise of having more live updates, Blizzard has started the game’s second season just after the conclusion of the first one, adding the new tank Ramattra. 

Ramattra was revealed a month ago and was promised to be included when Season 2 of the game rolls around, but Blizzard did not say that a skin for the tank will be added on release. “With the tactical training of a lethal soldier and the discipline of a devout monk, Ramattra can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy,” the official patch notes read.

Speaking of monks, to celebrate the start of Overwatch 2’s new season as well as the new tank Ramattra, Blizzard is also releasing new Legendary Skin for the hero called Traveling Monk. Players can get this new skin from December 6 to December 20 through exclusive Twitch drops.

Here’s How the Drops Work

From time to time, Twitch and Blizzard collaborate to reward players with exclusive loot for watching Overwatch streams on the platform. The latest such collaboration will allow fans to get the Traveling Monk skin of the new tank hero Ramttra. To do so, players must link their accounts with their Twitch accounts, otherwise, they will not qualify for the rewards.

Once fans have done that, they can start watching Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch to get the skin. They will unlock the item after watching a total of at least six hours of any Overwatch 2 streamer’s stream. The viewer does not need to watch the same streamer the entire time, since the time watched is calculated by the category, not the specific creator’s stream.

Before getting the Traveling Monk Ramattra, players need to unlock the previous tier of loot before even begin amassing the hours watched needed to acquire the skin. That item is the Ramattra Restrained Spray, for which players need to watch any Overwatch 2 stream for two hours. Following that, fans can watch four more hours of any Overwatch 2 stream to acquire the final Traveling Monk skin. 

To claim their skins, players need to get them from the channel they are watching or in the Drops Inventory menu on Twitch. 

Of course, one has to remember that to use the skins, one must first unlock the hero. This can be done at tier 45 on the Battle Pass, or unlock him immediately when players purchase the premium Battle Pass.

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