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Published: January 5, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • A Reddit user finds a peculiar flaw with Ilios’ lighthouse
  • The error is just pixels wide, but it cannot be unseen now
  • This might actually have some practical in-game exploits

The Ilios map has been out for years, but players have recently noticed a flaw with its lighthouse that cannot be unseen now.

A Flaw That Cannot Be Unseen

One of the most popular Control Overwatch maps is Ilios, and with its many small areas, it is a dream for players who are main heroes with knockback abilities. The map’s been played on millions of times by millions of players during the years it has existed, however, it is just now that some of them have noticed a curtail flaw in it, specifically one of the most visually characteristic features of Ilios – the lighthouse.

The glaring issue, and brace yourself for this, is that the lighthouse is slightly off-center. Yes, that’s right, the map’s most iconic visual feature is that the lighthouse is not centered correctly, and this is bothering players.

Despite seeming like a hilarious case of someone’s OCD acting up, the messed-up centering of the building actually has some negative gameplay implications. This is well illustrated by Reddit user VanarchistCookbook, who recently made a post on r/Overwatch showing the very specific flaw in the map’s design.

So What’s the Deal Exactly?

The issue has to do with holding the high ground (yes, Obi-Wan Kenobi would be very upset). The lighthouse is essentially built of two parts – a lower rectangular base, and a cylindrical upper half where the actual light is also located. This construction creates a “lip” where the two pieces meet. This can be walked on and used by players to gain a height advantage on their opponents.

The problem is that this lip is slightly narrower at the backside than at the front. The difference is barely visible, but it’s still there and it is enough that the player model cannot “hold its footing”. It seems the upper cylindrical portion of the lighthouse is just slightly off-center to the square base, making the lip slightly narrower on the back of the building. VanarchistCookbook demonstrated this by walking around it, where he fell down because his character did not have enough space to stay on top.

“Great, now they’re gonna delay OW2 another year to fix this,” one commenter joked. “Game’s unplayable,” said another.

In all honesty, it would not be surprising if players find some kind of way to use it to their advantage. Just recently players discovered an exploit allowing them to use the holiday decorations scattered across the King’s Row map as a part of the Winter Wonderland event to get the higher ground with Ashe.

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