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Published: June 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • An old trailer has recently resurfaced, showing Reaper shooting explosive rounds
  • Now fans want to see this feature added as a secondary ability for the hero’s shotguns
  • Many joked that this would be hidden behind a paywall if it’s ever implemented

A seven-year-old Overwatch trailer showing Reaper shooting explosive rounds made fans want Blizzard to add this feature, as well as hero combos, to the current game.

Reaper Could Have Shot Grenades

Being one of the OG heroes of Overwatch, Reaper has become one of the most recognizable characters from the franchise. Combining that with his somewhat over-the-top edgy personality, cool gameplay, and design, it should not be surprising he has quite a large fanbase even years after he first debuted. Now, this fanbase wants Blizzard to add a feature that has been released in a very old Overwatch trailer almost seven years ago. 

The trailer in question regained popularity when it was posted in the Overwatch subreddit, gathering thousands of likes in a day. It shows Reaper and Widowmaker duke it out against Winston and Tracer, but when the hero in question shoots the genius gorilla, he doesn’t pepper him with shotgun pellets. Instead, he appears to launch some kind of explosive rounds or even small grenades. 

Fans have dubbed this the “Reaper Grenade Launcher”, but despite the OG trailer showing these abilities, seven years later Reaper does not have such an explosive ability. Now fans want to see Blizzard add this to the game, although many are more than doubtful this will happen. According to some of them, Reaper was originally supposed to have these grenades as secondary fire, hence the two barrels on his default OW1 guns. Unfortunately, this was scrapped early.

Fans Also Liked the Hero Combos

Although Reaper’s grenades were the highlight of this old trailer, many fans also pointed out other features that they would like to see. The cinematic shows heroes from both teams working together in interesting combos not seen in the game. At one point, Widowmaker grabs Reaper and uses a grappling gun so that both heroes can make a speedy escape. Meanwhile, Watson grabs Tracer and throws her forward so the latter can chase the fleeing duo. 

Many fans said they want to see such combos between heroes being implemented in OW2, but also joked that Blizzard would not be able to implement such features, as the company has been notorious for scrapping content from the game. Others said that if Blizzard does implement such things in the game, players would have to pay extra for it, referencing the company’s recent decision to put Overwatch 2’s PvE content behind a paywall.

Although it would be neat to see Reaper get a secondary ability like these exploding rounds/grenades, it’s unlikely Blizzard would do this, considering it’s been seven years since that trailer dropped and we haven’t seen anything like this yet. As for the other complex hero interactions that the trailer featured, those are little more than a pipe dream.

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