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Published: June 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players think that the reworked ability is now way too strong and needs a nerf
  • Cassidy’s grenades can hinder other heroes’ skills, making it a hard counter to them
  • Tracer’s recall, “Pharah flight”, as well as most of Doomfist’s abilities have been hit the worst

Blizzard reworked Cassidy’s grenade in the latest Overwtach 2 patch, but it seems they have pushed the ability too much the other way as its “hinder” effect can even stop some heroes’ ults.

Grenade Needs a Nerf

With the newest patch being released on June 13, this week has been quite eventful for Overwatch 2. Many heroes received various tweaks to their abilities, among them being Cassidy, who’s had his grenade reworked. The ability was overpowered in previous seasons, but it seems that Blizzard’s recent changes have not improved it. On the contrary, many fans now think the older grenade was preferable.

After the update, Cassidy’s grenade received multiple new features that infuriate players. Although its explosion damage has been reduced by half, the grenade can now hinder enemies’ movements and slow them down by 30%. The grenade works in a way similar to Cassidy’s old flashbang, completely negating movement abilities with a new “Hindered” status effect. It completely interrupts movement abilities and prevents them from being activated. It also simply stops the ults and other abilities of many heroes, making Cassidy’s grenade skill a powerful new tool, that players are arguing is too broken.

Some notable examples of skills that are hindered by Cassidy‘s new grenade include Tracer’s recalls, as well as disabling “Pharah flight”. Doomfist seems to be quite badly affected by the new grenade as it seems to hinder almost all of the hero’s abilities. Fans discussed these issues under a Reddit post about Cassidy’s revamped ability, with many of them giving various examples of hero abilities being hindered, or sometimes even hard countered by the grenade skill. With the post receiving 6 000 likes at the time of writing this article and accumulating hundreds of comments, it’s safe to say that the issue has become the new hot topic of discussion about OW2’s recent update.

Despite the overall consensus being that Cassidy’s grenade has suddenly become too powerful, many fans did not forget to look at the whole situation from a more comedic side, albeit with a side of criticism towards Blizzard. “I don’t like the grenade either, but now that they’ve added in the hindered status – why is it not just a lasso,” one commenter wrote. “Overwatch and making either zero changes or way too many all at once? No way,” another comment reads.

Cassidy’s grenade is not the only issue the latest patch brought to the game. Recently, players found a new glitch making Mei’s buff redundant. The series of problems with Overwatch 2, alongside the general policies Blizzard has been implementing with the game’s content, seem to only add fuel to the overall dissatisfaction that players seem to have been feeling towards the game in recent months.

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