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Published: October 19, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Blizzard’s oversight allows players to glitch into secret areas of some maps
  • It becomes clear these areas are still a work in progress
  • Blizzard might soon patch this, barring players from exploring these areas

Overwatch 2 players have found an exploit that allows them to explore the yet unreleased parts of PvP maps that are considered to be part of the game’s upcoming PvE mode.

Players Find Secret Areas on Some Maps

Overwatch 2 hasn’t had the smoothest of launches, to say the least. Two weeks after its release and the game is still full of glitches and issues that range from spelling mistakes in the shopping menu to players getting stuck at span for hours

Another point of Discontent for many players is the lack of PvE content. Overwatch 2 was supposed to have a “story mode”, but a few months before the launch of the game, Blizzard said that the much-anticipated PvE mode will be coming in 2023. However, to the welcomed surprise of many players, Blizzard recently made a mistake that leaked the PvE maps. 

Players can actually walk around the yet unreleased areas that are supposed to come next year by exploiting a glitch in Overwatch 2. Twitter user Squiggle found that if players enter a custom game on King’s Row and set the Bounty Hunter setting to “Friends Only”, they will be able to glitch through new unreleased parts of the map.

What’s in the Secret Areas of the Map?

At first, players are spawned in a familiar location, if they follow the instructions above. But after exploring for a short while, they will soon arrive at the previously locked areas of the map. There’s a host of new buildings to go inside, as well as a whole subway section that is not present in the normal PvP version of the map. 

But as players explore the secret areas it becomes obvious that the map is still a work in progress. There are many unfinished areas and some parts that won’t be present when the PvE mode finally arrives are separated by black walls. 

Aside from King’s Row, many Overwatch players have found out that the same exploit can be used to explore unreleased parts of Havana as well. It’s possible that more PvP maps have similar unfinished PvE-only areas that can be accessed through glitches in the game, but they have not been such reports yet.

However, players may not be able to access these areas for long as because this is a clear oversight on part of Blizzard, the company might patch them soon. Blizzard has been working hard these past few days to fix other issues with Overwatch 2, with the recently released Patch 3.38 addressing a lot of visual glitches in the menus and hero abilities

But besides some glimpses of what the PvE maps look like, Blizzard has not released or leaked (accidentally or intentionally) any other information on what Overwatch 2 PvE will look like and how it will play out. 

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