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Published: January 3, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • A Reddit user has accidentally found a powerful Ashe exploit on a holiday Overwatch map
  • The exploit allows an Ashe player to summon the rebellious gunslinger’s companion, B.O.B, on the top of a tree
  • Once executed, the exploit would provide an immediate advantage to Ashe’s team

The Winter Wonderland event has brought the festive spirit to the world of Overwatch but it has also brought a powerful exploit for Ashe mains.

CluelessEnthusiast Finds a So-Called “Evil Exploit”

Competitive players are no strangers to exploits. Each time an online game or a new competitive map is released, people seek ways to gain an advantage over their peers. Sometimes the gamers find powerful exploits that need fixing. Other times, a player accidentally stumbles across a seemingly minor exploit that changes everything.

Reddit user CluelessEnthusiast has been playing Overwatch while maining the gunslinger Ashe when they found a quite curious exploit that instantly provided an unfair edge to their team.

The exploit takes advantage of the holiday decorations scattered across the King’s Row map as a part of the Winter Wonderland event. The festive additions include snow and all kinds of Christmas trees and toys. Although most of those changes are purely cosmetic, one tree, in particular, stuck out as especially helpful to Ashe players.

How the Exploit Is Performed

In their video, CluelessEnthusiast demonstrated how by jumping from one particular window in King’s Row’s second phase they could use Ashe’s ultimate move and summon the mustached omnic companion B.O.B. on the top of a tree.

Once occupying the high ground, B.O.B. would unleash a devastating barrage upon the enemies, providing an immediate advantage to Ashe’s team. The position is not only advantageous because of the surprise factor but it also forces the opponents to divide their attention between the battles that are happening on the ground and the B.O.B. who is raining fire on them.

Ashe players were delighted to learn of this not only because of how powerful the exploit is but also because of how easy it is to pull off. In fact, almost any player should be able to set up B.O.B. on the top of that particular tree with minimal effort.

It is unknown if this strategy will be patched or not but this will probably depend on how much people abuse it. Yet, since it’s a situational thing as well as something that can only be done during the holiday events, it is possible that Blizzard will not bother patching it and will leave it as a little festive gift to Ashe mains.

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