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Published: June 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • OW2 is currently played in a 5vs5 format, but it used to have an extra member for each team
  • Many fans want Blizzard to return to said format and do some slight rebalancing changes
  • Some argue that even an arcade 6vs6 mode would be satisfactory

Following weeks of criticizing Blizzard for the lackluster PvE content they delivered, fans now turn their gaze towards the very format of Overwatch 2.

OW2 Fans Criticize Blizzard

Blizzard has been receiving a lot of flack lately for their handling of Overwatch 2’s content, with players expressing their dissatisfaction with the lackluster updates the company has been giving out. In the wake of this criticism, fans have started criticizing other aspects of the game, including its very core – the 5vs5 gameplay format itself.

The complaints stem from Blizzard’s broken promises about PvE content, where the company failed to deliver a satisfying product. Fans have been waiting for this mode ever since it was announced at BlizzCon in 2019. However, now that their trust in the company is failing, players now believe the original player count “never should have left.”

Many of them poured out their frustration and hopes online, begging Blizzard to return the original 6vs6 mode and hoping to get a taste of the good old days. Players suggested that issues like the Overwatch Shield meta of yesteryear can now have time dedicated to being looked at since PvE has been left by the wayside, collecting dust.

Fans said the main reason Overwatch 2’s format was changed to 5vs5 was to try and make it different from the original game in order to justify the transition. Another justification was that the meta had to be rebalanced. However, not everyone agrees that the change to a 5vs5 was needed at all.

“A large issue was them letting the meta get stale and awful. Double shield could have been fixed with the Orisa rework and the Shield nerfs easily,” a post on Reddit discussing the format reads. “Keep those, keep the CC changes, and I’m sure 6v6 would have been fine. I honestly just miss tank pairings and synergies so much. It feels lonely as a tank now.”

The original post gained almost 4 000 likes in the span of less than 24 hours, with hundreds upon hundreds of comments, showing that the issue is quite contagious among OW2 fans. Some argued that even putting a 6vs6 mode in arcade, would still be good. However, other fans responded that this will never happen because if Blizzard does this, they would “admit they were wrong”.

However, a small number of players argued that the 5vs5 format of OW2 was not a mistake as they believe the “faster-paced” nature of the 10-person game makes the battles more intense.

It doesn’t seem like Blizzard would be making many big changes to the game soon, but it’s clear that discussions such as these will continue.

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