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Published: June 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Blizzard is charging $15 for the “lackluster” PvE content it recently added to the game
  • Fans say the content is a bad and expensive copy of what the game will receive in August
  • Many have called the PvE content a “slap in the face”

With Invasion story mode coming to the game on the 10 of August, many OW2 fans said the current PvE content is just a pricey lackluster copy of what is to come.

Fans Blast PvE Price Tag

It seems that Overwatch 2’s troubles are unending as the game and Blizzard are once again on the receiving end of criticism from fans who dislike how the company is handling PvE. The game mode was one of the most anticipated features of OW 2, ever since it was announced at Blizzcon 2019, but several years later and the company has failed to deliver a satisfactory product.

Not only that, but Blizzard’s recent decision to charge $15 for PvE content seems to have been the final drop that overflew the fan base’s patience. The game mode has been criticized during the past few weeks for its lackluster nature, but now players are saying that Blizzard’s decision to hide it behind a paywall is “a big slap to the face”.

Fans are now picking apart Blizzard’s decision to put three short story missions in place of the coveted PvE mode, saying it’s a poor excuse for new content. “First they announce OW2 as a rich and compelling story mode the players have dreamed for, including a skill tree and a “hero mission” thingy that focuses on replayability,” reads a Reddit post discussing the situation, behind which many fans rallied. “Then OW1 gets no content for like 3 years, not adding anything for Archives since they “were focused on making story missions for OW2”.”

A lot of the fans’ criticism revolved around the fact that the current PvE missions seem like a cheap copy of the upcoming Overwatch 2: Invasion update, which will have its own story missions. This means that fans would be paying $15 for a limited amount of content while just a few weeks in the future, they will have access to something similar to the free and more in-depth promised version. The Invasion: Story mode will arrive on August 10, alongside a new hero and a selection of gameplay changes to match.

Despite the promises of a large free update with the story mode, the damage to Blizzard’s reputation has already been done. Many players have already accused the company of being greedy and even said Blizzard lied about the PvE content. It seems that this has prompted a non-trivial number of players to abandon the game. “This is all why I’ve stopped playing. I’m done with OW and can’t see myself coming back anytime soon,” one player wrote in the comments of the post. 

Regardless of what the story mode brings to the table in August, it seems Blizzard would have tpo work extra hard to regain the players’ trust.

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