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Published: September 9, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Nintendo to introduce more young pupils to gaming
  • Children as young as 8-11 will participate in Nintendo-backed tournaments
  • Students who participate are expected to do better with the school curriculum

Nintendo UK has revealed a new initiative that will focus on promoting competitive gaming on a school level. The company is teaming up with Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) and Outright Games to bring esports for the youngest, with the age group for the upcoming events focused on anyone who is aged from 8 through 11.

Nintendo Is Teaming Up to Get More Students Involved

The DSH initiative is designed to offer pupils a look at the competitive esports ecosystem as well as the industry behind it. While a lot of the initiative will focus on competitive gaming, there will be lessons for participants to take up and improve their knowledge of the industry.

While esports is clearly a buzzword, children will be encouraged to take up computer sciences, but also dive deeper into the booming esports market that provides individuals with numerous opportunities.

The program will only shortlist age-appropriate games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for starters. As some pupils compete, teachers will be in attendance and engage with students who may not be participating.

Commenting on this opportunity, Nintendo UK head of communications Kalpesh Tailor had this to say: “We are thrilled in our role as lead partner for Digital Schoolhouse to be bringing yet another transformative and inspiring program to young pupils across the UK with Nintendo Switch.”

Building a Successful School Ecosystem for Esports

Nintendo UK has been an active promoter of events in the United Kingdom, as the organization has already reached 10,000 pupils across schools and colleges in the country and has developed a strong competitive environment for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team.

Interestingly, esports on a school level has had a positive impact on students. Pupils have responded positively to such events and have been far more engaged with day-to-day schooling and tasks after participating or even just attending the event. The fields of computing have also benefited from pupils showing bigger interest in the initiative.

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