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Published: September 16, 2021

Written by: David

  • Nintendo Switch has confirmed that the console’s price is indeed getting lowered
  • The reason is the introduction of the new Switch OLED that is releasing in few weeks
  • Sadly, the price cut of the default Switch is currently planned only for the European region

The Nintendo Switch price drop turned to be more than a rumor but for now, it is only reserved for console gamers in Europe.

Nintendo Switch’s Price Getting Lowered

A few days ago French Nintendo promotion news site Nintend’Alerts shared some exciting news for console enthusiasts. The outlet published that on Monday, September 13, Nintendo Switch’s base model will have its price reduced by 60 euro (around 70-71 USD).

The reason for the price reduction is speculated to be the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Switch OLED is a new and better version of the console that will feature a bigger LED screen, instead of the base Switch’s LCD panel. The release of the Switch OLED mirrors previous Nintendo consoles that have gotten a reworked and improved version at a later date. The Switch OLED essentially replaced the plans for the Switch Pro project which is now frozen indefinitely.

The announcement of the price of the base Nintendo Switch dropping was welcomed both by veteran users and newcomers to console gaming. Some took the announcement with a grain of salt but many were glad to see the console finally having a more attractive price. 

 The Catch: The Price Drop Announced as Exclusive to Europe

Nintendo did end up confirming the price drop on Monday and had it go live with Nintendo Switch already available for the price of 270 euro (around 320 USD). However, gamers soon found out that this price drop was never intended as something global and is currently reserved only for Europe.

This was confirmed by journalist and Axios co-writer Stephen Totilo who spoke with Nintendo’s American branch on the topic. It turns out one of the reasons behind the price drop is the difference in local prices between Europe and the United States. Before the price cut, a single Nintendo Switch device used to cost 330 euro, which in USD equals $390 – almost $100 more than Nintendo Switch’s actual price in the States.

While the news of the price cut not making it to North America may be a little bit disappointing to the American fans, it is not so unfair considering the relative prices between the States and Europe. In any case, hopefully, the price cut will make the console more appealing and will bring new people to the Nintendo community.

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