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Published: September 13, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • According to a new rumor, Nintendo Switch’s prices will be lowered by around $70
  • The reason is likely the upcoming release of the OLED edition
  • The alleged price drop should go live on Monday, September 13

According to a report from French outlet Nintend’Alerts, the basic Nintendo Switch model’s price will be lowered prior to the OLED edition’s release.

Nintendo Switch to Have Its Price Decreased by $70

Reports have it that Nintendo is planning a significant price cut for the generic model of its latest console, the Nintendo Switch. The news was first shared by French Nintendo deal finder outlet Nintend’Alerts on its official website and Twitter page.

“The Nintendo Switch console should be lowering its price starting next Monday and should be sold for around 270 euro ($318 USD), previously 330 euro ($389 USD) in Europe. This is the first price drop since the console’s release in March 2017,” the Twitter caption reads.

According to Nintend’Alerts’ statement, the rumored price cut is going live on Monday, September 13. The price overall is expected to drop by around 60 euro or 70 dollars. There hasn’t been any official announcement from Nintendo itself yet, so the news should be taken with a grain of salt. Yet, it definitely doesn’t sound unlikely for that to be the case as the console has been already out on the market for almost four years and has had almost 85 million sales.

Switch OLED and Pro Might Have Affected This Alleged Decision

Currently, Nintendo is working on its next-gen Nintendo Switch – the Nintendo Switch OLED. As the name suggests, this version of the console will have a LED screen instead of an LCD one. It will also be coming with a larger display and an overall improved visual experience.  

Although the Nintendo Switch Pro project seems to be frozen, for now, its planning may have also played a part in the price drop decision (provided the rumors are correct). The Pro version envisioned a 4K image quality on a handheld console. However, it is likely that this edition isn’t coming soon as the company has no firm plans for other Switch editions beyond the OLED.

As the company prepares to get the newer versions running, it definitely makes sense to lower the price of the older one. Nintendo’s history definitely confirms such practices as the company did lower its older consoles’ prices as upgraded models came about.

The Nintendo Switch OLED edition’s coming out is scheduled for October 8. It will be sold for $349 and will be a good buy for people that are yet to own Switch or simply wish to enhance their experience.

Fans of Nintendo who don’t yet own a Switch can keep their fingers crossed that the rumors are correct and that the old model will soon become more affordable.

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