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Published: August 10, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The Evo 2022 event just finished with great success
  • Tekken 7 took center stage in the event with both its tournament and announcements
  • Bandai Namco also teased a Tekken project that is currently in the works

The Evo 2022 event was a blast for attendees, especially for Tekken fans, as Bandai Namco announced a new battle update coming soon, as well as an interesting future project.

The Company Announces Big Things for Tekken

Last weekend, one of the world’s biggest fighting game events – EVO 2022 – gathered pro players and fans alike in Las Vegas, Nevada, to participate in tournaments of some of the most popular fighters in the world. The event also saw a ton of new games and updates being announced, one of which was Bandai Namco’s plan for Tekken 7.

The announcement took place after the Tekken 7 finals, which saw one of its best international players, Knee, claim his first North American Evo title. Bandai Namco actually delivered two pieces of news, the first being that Tekken 7 is receiving a new battle update this month on August 17. Nut what is perhaps more important is that Tekken 7 confirmed another year of Tekken World Tour competitive action. It will culminate at the Global Finals in Amsterdam from February 4 to 5 next year.

What Do These Announcements and Teasers Mean?

The nearest thing Tekken fans should be looking forward to is the game’s big update. It will include balance adjustments for the character roster and bring new tactics that will give them more to work with. This includes, according to the trailer, some additional combo strings, and moves.

Although such an update is welcomed, most fans’ attention was pointed toward clues that might suggest an announcement for a new game in the series. Bandai Namco’s trailer showed Kazuya carrying Heihachi to the cliffside before cutting to what appears to be a brand-new character model for the Mishima with the text “get ready.”

That scene is quite famous amongst Tekken fans, with Kazuya’s face being heavily memed even outside the fandom. However, the much cleaner, modern-looking character model with the text suggested something really big coming to the franchise, according to most fans.

Although the messaging of the video was a bit unclear, Evo general manager TheHadou confirmed that this is a teaser for an incoming Tekken project that is currently in the works.

It is now known when we will receive more information about this project or even what exactly it is. However, considering the latest Tekken game sold over 9 million copies, it’s safe to say the franchise has a very healthy fanbase and Bandai Namco is sure to provide.

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