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Published: August 19, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Natus Vincere and Bybit have signed a partnership deal
  • The agreement will see NA’VI and Bybit work together on various initiatives
  • This deal is Bybit’s first venture into esports 

Natus Vincere has found a powerful partner in Bybit, as the two parties will work together to boost their respective fields. 

Collaborating For a Brighter Esports and Crypto Future

Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere shared on Twitter that it will be entering a new partnership. Bybit, NA’VI’s new partner, is a cryptocurrency exchange used by more than 2 million users. The partnership is the crypto exchange’s first venture into the world of esports.

The deal has been signed for the next three years and will see NA’VI and Bybit collaborate on various occasions to develop their industries’ values. 

For example, Natus Vincere’s players will be getting an upgrade to their jerseys and will sport Bybit’s logo when playing professionally. The esports organization will also have some of its players take part in Bybit’s famous World Series of Trading event – the largest cryptocurrency trading competition currently. 

The newly-signed partners will participate together in humanitarian activities such as charities and campaigns against bullying. Bybit is no stranger to such initiatives as it is currently supporting UNICEF’s efforts in New Zealand by providing them with resources in Bitcoin.

Two Giants Teaming Up

As Natus Vincere is Bybit’s first esports partner, Ben Zhou, CEO and co-founder of the company, commented on the partnership in the official release. He is happy to have a famous and skilled team lead Bybit’s introduction to esports. 

“As one of the fastest-growing start-ups built for crypto lovers, we are excited to sign on with NA’VI and are looking forward to unleashing the natural synergy between the crypto community and the athletes and creators in esports,” Zhou said.

The chief marketing officer of Natus Vincere, Alexander “nervo” Pavlenko is both proud and honored to have Bybit as a partner to Natus Vincere and to be part of the crypto exchange’s venture into esports.

“We shall strive to show esports fans the real value of digital-based communication by cryptocurrency platform Bybit and our team. We hope to bring new game-changing and engaging projects to make esports the better place to play together.”

The innate likeness between esports and cryptocurrency has made it especially appealing to both industries to work together. Recently several deals, not unlike the one between NA’VI and Bybit, were made. In the most popular example, TSM signed a groundbreaking $210 million deal with crypto exchange FTX and got its name changed to TSM FTX. In another instance, the tournament organizer BLAST Premier partnered with Coinbase to popularize crypto in esports. 

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