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Published: July 14, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • A now-deleted stream segment may have suggested that Moonton doesn’t want Mobile Legends teams to also compete in Wild Rift
  • The truth, according to a source, is different and Moonton simply offers additional benefits to teams who decide to be exclusive
  • This hasn’t stopped some industry people from taking a firmer tone on the issue. 

A small storm was brewing in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community before a source brought in clarity over an alleged prohibition on MPL teams to have sister teams in Wild Rift.

Does Mobile Legends Hurt Wild Rift’s Growth in Asia?

Has Moonton, the company that owns the mobile blockbuster hit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, prohibited teams currently on the MLBB Professional League or MPL from participating or running sister teams in Wild Rift, Riot Games’ competitor title, which was a response to Moonton imitating another title, League of Legends?

While no official confirmation has been heard by the company, a now-deleted stream by Onic Esports’ Govher “Gov” Tallulembang Madethen seems to hint at a similar arrangement. The truth, though, may turn out to be a bit different. The player suggested that Moonton is holding professional players in the game up to certain standards, which now may include an obligation by the organizations they represent to give up on running teams in the competitive title.

According to Dot Esports, which has reported on the issue extensively, the player has declined to comment, suggesting that he may not be at liberty to do so. However, there is more to the story, it seems. According to Dot Esports, a source from Spin.PH, another media, exclusivity was not obligatory but voluntary.

Exclusivity in MPL Is Voluntary, and Sources Tell Dot Esports 

If a team chooses to stick with MPL and not run in competitor’s titles, then said the team would be the recipient of various perks such as additional revenue and benefits. The rumor did elicit some strong reactions from the community, which didn’t take to the news too kindly, although it now transpires the comments may have been taken out of context.

Regardless, Team Secret’s CEO John Yao though took a position in the matter, although the organization itself is not represented in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. According to him, it was amusing that many of the competing teams were “sister units,” but organizations would be forbidden from participating in other games.

Wild Rift and MLBB will lock horns over the Southeast Asia region, which is traditionally associated with a high participation rate of mobile gamers. While MLBB may dominate the early stages, Wild Rift is likely to continue developing organically.

Riot Games has long committed to building up its games gradually and not putting unnecessary efforts that would backfire if discontinued. As a result, Wild Rift’s initial entry in the region may be slightly curtailed if the main organizations are undecided whether they should give up on exclusivity, but it’s not very likely to stop the long-term success of Wild Rift, provided that the game proves its merits with the local community.

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