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Published: September 16, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Xbox Cloud Gaming feature has left the beta stage and is already launched
  • People can log in to their Xbox accounts, get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and play
  • Cloud gaming is currently available for older versions of the Xbox, PC as well as Android and iOS devices

Microsoft takes a step towards the future with the full release of its innovative Cloud Gaming feature that will allow people to play Xbox games on their devices. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming Goes Live

Starting today, Microsoft will now allow PC video game fans to experience Xbox games without necessarily getting a console. It comes with the new Xbox cloud gaming feature that has been tested in the last few months and will basically allow people to have their PC connect and synchronize with an Xbox console.

Thanks to this addition, people who don’t own a console for any reason will finally be able to experience some of the most influential Xbox-only exclusives that have been released throughout the years. Moreover, people with low-end machines who can’t support gaming will have some of their pain relieved – the glory of stream gaming will provide users with high-class gaming without forcing a need for a device upgrade.

Alternatively, people who already own an Xbox device can connect to it remotely via the Xbox Remote Play function instead and play on their own device. The remote play function also received an upgrade and allowed users to connect their PC and Xbox Series X/S. 

A Feature to Change Gaming

The feature was in development for quite some time, with a beta stage rolling out in August. It is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and is already available in 22 countries. People in those countries can log in on their devices’ Xbox applications and access Cloud Gaming and a variety of games with the press of a button. Cloud gaming supports both classic and hot titles and offers a vast choice to users. 

Other than a Windows 10 PC, cloud gaming will be supported by Android and iOS devices, as well as older versions of the Xbox console that struggle with playing the newest games.

The final release of the cloud gaming function has seen some upgrades since the beta, with stability and quality-of-life changes being implemented at launch. Setting up controllers and controlling the social features has been simplified and made more user-friendly.

The implementation of cloud gaming is somewhat of a daring move because it might discourage people from getting a console. On the other hand, one might argue that it will actually boost interest as it will allow some fervent PC fans to experience Xbox gaming. 

In any case, the feature is still new, and it is early to say how it will affect the market. Yet, it can be said with almost full certainty that the idea of cloud gaming will gradually make its way into gaming and has the potential to revolutionize it. 

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