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Published: May 27, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Michigan Tech University is on the lookout for good CS:GO players with field experience
  • The Michigan Tech Huskies demand candidates to at least have experience with ESEA
  • In return, recruits will be offered opportunities for scholarships

Experienced CS:GO enthusiasts can monetize on their esports passion as a part of the Michigan Tech Huskies.

MTU Covets Experienced Players

Michigan Tech University is no stranger to esports. With an entire department, teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League and facilities in the works, the establishment will soon provide gaming-loving students with a top environment for esports endeavors. Not only that but CS:GO players will have the opportunity to benefit from scholarships as MTU is currently looking for experienced players to join the Michigan Tech Huskies.

The university aims to field the first collegiate team that qualifies for ESEA Premier. Therefore it is a prerequisite that applying players have at least some experience with the league’s third division, known as ESEA Main. More experienced players are even more welcome.

The Michigan Tech Huskies are currently playing in the 37th season of ESEA Intermediate (one division lower than Main) with a flawless result of 5-0. The team fields one more popular player, namely Logan “Voltage” Long, former member of the Chaos and the Triumph teams.  Michigan Tech Huskies have seven players in total, those being:

  • Hunter “Retnuh” Holm
  • Calvin “Chowdz” Johnson
  • Logan “Voltage” Long
  • Sean “Cleanslate” Parker
  • Nich “Jellow” Sand
  • Colin “Koi” Thor

However only six of them have paid the ESEA subscription and are eligible to participate in the league.

Enthusiasts can apply here.

Opportunities for Both the Team and the Applicants

The university will benefit from acquiring fresh members as it will provide a range of boons: it will allow the Huskies to try out different formations and it will bring new points of view into the team – that’s why experienced players are needed to share their experience with the current team.

Good CS:GO players can grab this opportunity to join the Michigan Tech Huskies. Collegiate esports opportunities, paired with education and scholarships are an amazing combination for any young talents. Moreover good performance at the ESEA Premier may qualify the team for the ESL Pro League and by extension pave the way to a career in esports for the aspiring professionals.

The Michigan Tech University isn’t the only establishment in the state of Michigan that has been focusing on esports. Recently the University of Michigan invested $4 million in preparing an esports minor program that is expected to go live by 2022. Moreover, the Cleary University, again in Michigan, is currently assembling a team, led by the university’s new passionate coach.

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