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Published: November 30, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Ludwig Ahgren will be leaving Twitch and moving to YouTube Gaming
  • The content creator released an announcement video where he subtly mocked Twitch for having inferior copyright rules
  • His popularity got Twitch sending him off with wishes of the best luck

Leading content creator Ludwig Ahgren has moved on from Twitch and will exclusively stream on YouTube Gaming.

Ludwig Gets a “Red Car”

Ludwig Ahgren, one of the most prominent streamers, has announced his intentions to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming. This move adds to the mass Twitch exodus that has seen numerous content creators make the switch.

Ludwig announced his intentions with a promotional video on his official Twitter page. The video features him driving a purple car and later in the video switching to a red one, once again using the symbolism of Twitch and YouTube Gaming, just as CouRage recently did in his own announcement.

“Wait, don’t you get trouble for playing music?” Ludwig gets asked, once he boards the red car and turns on the radio.

“Not in this car, not in this car,” Ludwig confidently replies, subtly mocking Twitch’s uptight copyright rules.

A Mogul in Every Sense

Despite leaving Twitch, Ludwig still has cherished memories with the platform. Over his years as a content creator, Ludwig has managed to gather over 3 million subscribers and become one of the most viewed content creators of all time.

Because of his long story with Twitch, the streaming platform’s staff sent him off with an encouraging message:

“You’re a mogul in every sense, Ludwig. Best of luck and keep doing big things out there,” a comment from the official Twitch page on Twitter reads.

Ludwig indeed plans to keep doing big things. He will waste no time adapting to YouTube Gaming and will start streaming as early as today (November 30). Luckily for Ludwig, he doesn’t have to start building his fanbase from the ground up as his YouTube channel already has more than 2 million subscribers. In all likelihood, the content creator will reach and exceed his Twitter following in no time.

YouTube has spared no money trying to overtake its rival Twitch. The red company has cunningly taken advantage of the rising community disgruntlement with Twitch and has used it to attract some of the most popular streamers to its own platform. Many notable creators, namely TimTheTatman, Dr Lupo, Valkyrae, CouRage and Dr Disrespect are currently on YouTube for one reason or another.

It will be interesting to see who will make the switch next.

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