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Published: December 13, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The prominent content creator Ludwig recently migrated from Twitch to YouTube
  • Soon after making the Switch, Ludwig shared his first impressions with his fans
  • He is mostly glad by YouTube’s features but is overwhelmed by the fast-paced chat

Ludwig, who recently moved away from Twitch, has spoken about his first impressions with YouTube Gaming.

The Boons of YouTube

Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, one of the most popular streamers of all time, recently announced his leave from Twitch and migrated to the platform’s main competitor – YouTube Gaming. Although Ludwig immediately encountered some bumps and ended up receiving a temporary ban, his time on YouTube has more or less been fruitful.

As someone who is known for his transparency, Ludwig used his second channel to address his viewers and speak about his experience so far.

Ludwig started by pointing out that his first week of streaming on YouTube has seen him getting a peak of 30 thousand concurrent viewers with 25 thousand people watching on average. These numbers are significantly higher than anything Ludwig has been getting on Twitch recently.

Ludwig added that he has really been benefitting from the switch, thanks to YouTube’s systems. In particular, the content creator is really happy that when his stream is over, YouTube automatically leads his viewers to a new video.

“It seems like getting 30,000 views in the first couple of minutes helps a lot. Because then YouTube just pushes it in the algorithm,” Ludwig explained.

The Chat is Too Well-Coded

As a whole, Ludwig has been mostly happy with the switch, and praised YouTube’s advantages, just like TimTheTatman did before him. But in order to remain completely objective, Ludwig also spoke about some of YouTube Gaming’s disadvantages.

The content creator’s biggest issue with the new platform is the live chat. While he isn’t the first one to criticize YouTube’s social features, he pointed out that the chat has been coded “too well”, which results in an unintentional disadvantage – the messages went by too fast and he couldn’t properly see what his fans were saying. Still, the content creator acknowledges that YouTube can’t exactly change that.

“This constant flood makes it hard to read a single message. And that’s been hard to adjust to. And I don’t think I can tell YouTube to design their code worse so the experience for me is better.”

Twitch, on the other hand, has a worse code which resulted in a chat delay that helped Ludwig keep up with his audience.

The fast-paced YouTube chat added to the stress Ludwig has been feeling since the switch. While he is happy to join the YouTube family since Twitch didn’t care enough for him, he admitted that streaming on YouTube has made him feel more pressured.

Hopefully, Ludwig will get used to YouTube’s differences quickly and will continue making great content for his fans.

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