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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Hilarious “feud” between streamers escalates into a $1 million challenge
  • Ludwig calls out Dr Disrespect on a 1v1 match
  • All is done for the sake of entertainment

After Dr Disrespect kept on roasting Ludwig, the latter challenged the Doc on a 1v1 to prove, once and for all, “who’s the better gamer”, with a $1 million on the line.

A Challenge Was Set

YouTube Gaming might soon be the stage of an epic battle between big gamers. With Ludwig recently moving to the platform from Twitch, it seems that Dr Disrespect has got him in his sights. Doc has roasted Ludwig, calling him a five-foot-two gaming nerd”. This, of course, is just a hilarious streamer “feud” for the sake of entertainment.

Dr Disrespect has disrespected his fellow streamer in many ways, often purposefully mispronouncing his name when it comes up in conversations. “How do you say his name? Lud-widget?” he recently said in a stream. “He thought he was going to win streamer of the year. His name? Luggage… luggage? I don’t know, Jesus.”

It seems Ludwig has had enough and threw the gauntlet at the doctor’s feet, calling him out on Twitter.

Ludwig Might Be in Trouble

Not long after Ludwig posted the challenge, he was alerted to something that might throw a spanner in his works. Warzone’s update is rapidly nearing and is one of the Doc’s games of choice. The game will implement a new battle royale map and the update sets the stage for a perfect Caldera duel.

“Oh, sh*t, can I delete?”, exclaimed Ludwig when he was made aware of the approaching update. “For the love of god… I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

Later in his stream, Ludwig explained that he wasn’t being serious with the huge million-dollar prize he put up as stakes. This was done just for the purposes of entertainment. He gave an example “when Doc says there’s like 30 million in his arena but really there’s only 30k watching.” “Saying $1m to the Doc means like $1k instead, by his metrics. And he won’t even reply. Everybody, relax!”

It is still unknown what game the two will play if they actually go through with the challenge. For example, Ludwig has been involved in the Smash scene for years, but that is an unlikely game they would play. It seems the most obvious choice right now is Warzone, much to Ludwig’s chagrin.

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