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Published: December 1, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Ludwig has spoken about his decision to leave Twitch in favor of YouTube Gaming
  • He revealed that when YouTube offered a better contract, Twitch refused to follow
  • TimTheTatman admitted that he went through a similar story

Ludwig and TimTheTatman reveal that they switched from Twitch to YouTube Gaming because Twitch failed to recognize their contribution.

Ludwig Tells His Story

Many popular streamers have been leaving Twitch in favor of YouTube Gaming. While YouTube’s plans to rival Twitch indeed include offering more money to the content creators and attracting famous names to its side, it seems that this is far from the only reason for the mass Twitch exodus. It turns out that Ludwig and TimTheTatman have had very similar reasons for switching to YouTube.

Two days ago, Ludwig Ahgren, a prominent figurehead in the Twitch community, known for his successful career and over 3 million followers, suddenly announced that he will be moving to stream exclusively on YouTube. As someone who values transparency, Ludwig spoke about what drove him to YouTube.

According to the streamer, he was had initially decided to re-sing his Twitch contract and had all but done it when YouTube contacted him, offering a better deal. When Ludwig turned to Twitch, instead of acknowledging his contribution to the platform and trying to negotiate, they bid him farewell.

Ludwig had heard enough, and despite loving Twitch as a platform, was left with a sour taste hearing that the latter doesn’t care enough to keep him, despite his success and the fact that he once broke the subscription record.

It turns out that Ludwig isn’t the only one who felt that way.

Tim Admits He Had a “Similar Storyline”

TimTheTatman made the switch to YouTube a few months ago and since then has prominently propagated YouTube over Twitch. When hearing Ludwig’s story, Tim admitted that went through something similar.

 “Obviously, I had my own decision-making process with YouTube and Twitch. All I’ll say is, I know Lud has been on Twitch for three or four years. I was on Twitch for about 8 or 9 years, and, ugh, similar storyline, man.”

TimTheTatman added that most of the people whom he get to know through Twitch left the platform, which also contributed to his final decision.

YouTube Gaming has been firmly establishing itself as Twitch’s main rival. The company has spared no money trying to sway some of Twitch’s finest streamers, sparking forecasts that the red broadcasting giant may spell the end of the purple streaming platform.

Despite YouTube being the biggest rival of Twitch, it is far from being the only one. Facebook Gaming has also been following behind, attracting content creators with some tempting deals. Furthermore, the problems with Twitch as a platform, especially the frequent hate raids, have severely undermined trust in the Amazon-owned service.

It is curious to see what will happen next and whether some other prominent streamer will make the switch.

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