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Published: July 1, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Wilf Rift will arrive in Brazil with a season of esports
  • It will begin with a tournament on July 9 and will continue through four qualifiers until a grand final
  • Wild Rift will be competing with Mobile Legends in the region

As Riot continues League of Legends: Wild Rift expansion, it has set its sight on Brazil and its budding esports scene. 

Wild Rift with a Whole Season of Competition in Brazil

Just as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang announced it would be expanding its esports scene to Brazil, the game development studio Riot Games also announced it would be targeting the country’s professional scene. The renowned developer will be introducing a season of competition in its new mobile entry, League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot has planned to open the season with a single tournament that will take place between July 9 and July 10. The event will be in a single-elimination format. The semifinals will be played in a best-of-three format, while the finals will be best-of-five. 

The opening tournament will send four Brazilian teams direct invitations. It will have a total prize pool of $11,000. The action will be streamed on Nimo TV for all esports fans to enjoy live. 

After the introductory tournament, the season will continue with a Wild Rift Tour until culminating in an exciting grand finale in São Paulo. This whole part will have a total prize pool of $50,000

The tour will include four open qualifiers that will begin in August and will conclude in September. The qualifiers will be a gateway to the climactic event in Riot Games’ own Studio in the city of São Paulo. Only the best performing eight teams of each qualifier will advance to the grand final, where the esports elites will test their mettle with the best of the best, receiving the opportunity to advance to the world championship in Wild Rift later this year. 

A Duel for the Hearts of Brazil

It seems two MOBA games are simultaneously tackling the promising Brazilian esports market and the vast opportunities it offers. One is Riot’s Wild Rift, while the other is Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The two games not only share a genre but a platform as well, as they are both designed for mobile. 

It is curious to see how the esports enthusiasts in the county will react to the two games as they are having a heated competition over the hearts of Brazilian gamers. 

Riot is simultaneously expanding Wild Rift to other regions as well. As for Brazil, it will announce more news in a week when the first tournament of the local season begins. 

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