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Published: August 17, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The top player in the Ionia server in League of Legends has been arrested in an internet café
  • The wrongdoer was accused of civil assault but had previously managed to escape
  • The player’s feat of topping Ionia’s rank list may be remarkable, but not so much so as to excuse his crime

An unlucky trip to a local internet café got a wanted League of Legends elite arrested and charged with civil assault. 

The Passion to Play Spells the Player’s Doom

A top Chinese League of Legends player was out on a stroll to a local internet café in Chongqing to play the game. Little did he know this would be a mistake that would cost him his freedom.

Although most people around the world prefer to play from home on their own machines, in Asian countries, internet cafes remain strong. These establishments usually boast high spec machines that allow people to play esports games competitively. Moreover, internet cafes have turned into a meeting ground for passionate gamers from all backgrounds and across all skill levels. 

And speaking of players of various backgrounds, at the very time the League of Legends professional visited the café, another passionate gamer came. The new visitor was none other than a Chinese police officer. The law keeper was currently off-duty went to the internet café with the intention of competing on League of Legends and spending some fun time with his friends. He definitely didn’t expect to meet a wanted criminal.

How the Perpetrator Was Caught

The thing is, the professional League of Legends player was wanted for quite some time on the charges of a civil assault. He had previously escaped getting caught. But not this time. 

The police officer immediately became suspicious of the wanted player. He took a good look, and when it became clear that this was the wanted guy, he called other police officers, who immediately arrested the unlucky League player. 

It turns out the player was Ionia server’s top gun. This became clear as his name was announced in the café, which internet café staff usually do to honor professionals who visit their establishment. 

Considering how old the Ionia server is and that it is considered to be the best server by a large majority of people, the player’s skill is undoubted. However, while his detention might be a huge loss to the League of Legends community, the police officer definitely did the right thing to detain him as no video game skill serves as an excuse to commit the crime. 

In short, a Chinese pro player’s passion for League of Legends got him carelessly visiting an internet café and, by an extension, got him caught by the police. 

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