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Published: February 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • LGD took the lead and won the first game, but V5 quickly regained the initiative
  • V5 scored a quick win in the second game by the 22nd minute
  • They managed to beat their own record in the third round, beating LGD by minute 19

In what could be considered the fastest game we have seen in 2022 so far, V5 destroys LGD in a spectacular turn of events.

A Short Game, But Big V5 Game

V5 emerged victorious from a spectacular 19-minute-long game against LGD Gaming. The two teams slugged it out for three total rounds, with V5 looking being at the ropes for most of the time, but managing to turn the tides of battle when it most counted.

The 2022 LPL Spring Split is now at its halfway point and LGD and V5 came into the match with very different motives in regards to standings. A win for V5 meant a statement, entering the match with a 6-1 record in a four-way tie at the top of the standings. Meanwhile, LGD were fighting for a chance to qualify for the playoffs.

The first game started rather close with just a 1 000 gold difference between the two teams. However, LGD’s jungler Shad0w, playing Lee Sin, gained more map control, which forced V5 to play reactively to the player’s harassment. LGD slowly withered V5’s towers and eventually landed the first blow of the series. However, with more games to go, V5 sought revenge.

V5 Rebounds after Losing the First Round

A chance for V5 to redeem themselves came when LGD made the mistake of leaving the Hecarim open for V5 jungler Karsa. With an impressive 6/0/5, Karsa carried V5 until the Baron spawned at the 20-minute mark. Eventually, the team won the top while grabbing the Baron and were LGD’s doorstep. LGD buckled under the pressure from V5’s 14 000 gold lead, but to no avail.

With the final game of the match beginning, it was still anyone’s game, but V5 already had significant moral inertia going on. They quickly gained a gold advantage which by the 16th minute had grown to 12K. Grabbing the Rift Herald, the difference grew to 14K by minute 18. With this, V5 had their sights on LGD’s nexus. Making a dash for it, the team managed to destroy their opponents in an impressive 19 minutes, beating their own record for 2022.

This match marks V5’s seventh win for this Split. As for LGD, although they fought valiantly, the match marks a 1-7 LPL result, and the team will have to win against ThunderTalk Gaming on February 25 in order to avoid finishing last place.

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