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Published: March 2, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Wilk Rift devs released a video teasing the new content coming soon to the game
  • Urgot and Twitch’s gameplay will remain relatively unchanged 
  • The new patch is scheduled to go live on March 16 

Wild Rift fans are in for a treat as the game’s upcoming Patch 4.1 will introduce a ton of new things, including two of League’s most corrosive champions and more exclusive skins coming to the game. 

New Champions Coming to Wild Rift

Urgot and Twitch are finally being added to Wild Rift with the game’s upcoming Patch 4.1 according to a recent patch preview posted by the game’s devs. Fans can expect Urgot to behave in the same way as in League of Legends, with the champion still triggering a blast of flame from each of his legs, while his second ability, Purge, will also continuously fire when he moves. 

The champion’s ultimate will also remain the same as in LoL. Urgot will be a perfect fit for a solo lain, explained Riot dev Maddy Wojdak. Of course, he would be quite viable as a jungler as well, if the team needs one. All of this means League players would have an easy time adapting to the mobile version of the champion, as he is virtually unchanged.

Twitch will also remain quite close to his OC version. The Plague Rat will rely on using Ambush to surprise his enemies and will use Contaminate and Spray and Pray to finish them off quickly. 

Nova Skins Will Be Introduced

A fresh lineup of exclusive Nova Championship skins is also coming to the game as part of Patch 4.1. These were showcased by executive producer for Wild Rift Alan Moore during the same patch preview. Some of the champions that will receive these skins are Lee Sin and Riven, which commemorate the first Wild Rift world champions, Nova Esports.

All five players from Nova Esports were allowed to choose a champion for whom they want a skin made. Only Riven and Lee Sin’s skins were showcased in the patch preview, but thanks to data miners, we already have the names of the other champions that will receive the Nova Esports cosmetics. These are Morgana, Lucian, and Nasus.

The designs of the skins revolve heavily around the main gradients of the Icons Global Championship 2022. In addition to that, each champion is toying with a trophy in their short montages in the video. Held in Singapore from June 14 to July 9 last year, the IGC 2022 saw 24 teams from all around the world gathered in the small Asian country to duke it out for the grand prize. In the end, the Chinese team Nova Esports was crowned champions, with these latest skins commemorating their victory.

Wild Rift’s Patch 4.1 will also introduce several gameplay changes, a new ranked season, and some other skins when it goes live on March 16.

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