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Published: May 9, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Tyler1 received flack for acting toxically in one of his recent League of Legends games
  • He was recorded intentionally griefing the game and making it hard for his team
  • He responded by saying that he did this intentionally as his teammates griefed him first

Following his teammates not banning a champion Tyler1 wanted, he intentionally sabotaged the game as a way to get back at those whom he sees had wronged him.

Players Criticize Tyler1’s In-game Attitude

One of the most popular League of Legends streamers is Tyler1, famous for his over-the-top reactions when playing the game. Fans are quite aware of his rants and excessive ripostes when his teammates do not play as well as he thinks they should. However, according to some viewers, the content creator has flamed too much in one of his recent games. 

In a broadcast on May 8, Tyler1 was caught griefing his team. This was, according to the streamer, because he asked his team to ban Draven in champion select, with Aphelios supposedly banning nothing. However, the team did not listen to Tyler1, causing the enemy to puck the champion, which angered the streamer, resulting in him griefing the game.

 The ordeal was pointed out by one of the players on Tyler1’s team, who made a Reddit post discussing the situation. The player also described how Tyler1 griefed the game. “From the VOD and IMGUR, you can see loltyler1 sold his items, flashed in place, bought AP items and said to, “enjoy loss” not even 2 mins into the game,” the player wrote. “I think the game was winnable and our team was clearly trying to win and not tilted. This was tyler’s first game of the day too.”

Tyler1 Responds to the Criticism

The post resulted in many commenters criticizing Tyler1 for his attitude, saying it was not professional and even worth a ban. The response of the popular content creator did not take long, with Tyler1 saying that his teammates deserved the attitude for not listening to his requests. 

He also argued that the reason he griefed his team is because other people constantly do not listen to his ban requests, which in itself is a form of griefing. Tyler1 said that he is often in similar situations, and since he cannot report such behavior, he decides to make the game bad for other players. “I don’t care about it. This game, in champ select… told anybody ‘ban Draven,’ my Aphelios banned nothing, they [enemies] locked in Draven, gg, let’s have fun… Ban griefing, or fuck off, losers,” Tyler1 said. 

Perhaps the streamer may have been in the right here, but such behavior in-game could deserve a ban. However, many players commented that the streamer might not face any consequences, considering how popular he is, as Riot might be hurting its viewership if they punish Tyler1. “Tyler is the biggest league streamer and to lose him to their biggest competitor is worth just turning a blind eye to his toxicity,” one comment reads. “Yes but think about the money,” another laconically wrote.

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