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Published: February 25, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Tyler1 reacted to LoL’s newest Patch 13.4 live on stream
  • He is quite dissatisfied with the Gromp now having 150 less HP
  • The streamer wants Riot to revert to the preseason changes

In an attempt to make counter0jungling easier, Riot made some significant changes to the jungle, which popular LoL streamer Tyler1 strongly disliked. 

Tyler1 Doesn’t Like the New Changes

League of Legends’ newest Patch 13.4 is live and it brings with it a lot of adjustments for the jungle. However, it seems that many fans are somewhat disgruntled at the new changes and are even calling for Riot to revert them. One of the biggest LoL streamers, Tyler1, also shares their opinion. 

In one of his recent streams, the content creator explained he doesn’t understand the jungle “buffs” Riot Games implemented in the latest patch. Tyler1 was talking about this while reviewing the Patch 13.4 notes live on stream and proposed that it would be better if Riot simply reverted the 2023 preseason changes altogether.

It seems one of the biggest gripes Tyler1 has with the new patch is the change to the Gromp. After Patch 13.4 the monster has 150 HP less, the reason for which is to make counter-jungling easier, the developers explained. “Lord Gromp is currently so durable that he’s very hard to counter jungle and his time tax on full clears is too high,” the League devs wrote in the patch notes. “We’re pulling down his durability a tad (which will scale his late-game durability by even more).”

However, Tyler1 disagreed, explaining that counter-jungling is almost impossible now thanks to the preseason changes. “No shit he’s very hard to counter-jungle because you reduced XP and damage to all camps you’re able to counter-jungle,” the streamer said. “So why don’t we just remove that change? Dude, how about we just revert the jungle? To before it was preseason. How about we do that Riot instead of this dumb shit.”

Tyler1 gave examples of his past games on top to illustrate his point. He said that even when he got ganked in the past, at least he knew that his team’s jungler would catch up by counter-jungling. In Season 13, however, this is virtually impossible. “Do you know how bad that feels for me as a top laner, playing when I’m getting ganked that much,” Tyler 1 exclaimed, “knowing that the enemy jungler is not losing anything because my jungler can’t counter-jungle? That is what sucks,”

The streamer is not the only person to dislike the new changes to the jungle, with many other players speaking against them. However, it’s unknown if Riot will address their calls to revert the changes.

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