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Published: November 17, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 blasts LoL’s Season 12
  • He complained the season had many MMR abusers
  • He was also unhappy with the fact that many betters were inundating the game

Tyler1 has had an unsatisfying League of Legends competitive season that has been plagued by MMR abusers and multiple series of losses.

Tyler1 Blasts Season 12

The latest competitive year of League of Legends recently ended with the victory of Korean underdogs DRX, marking a suitable finish to another season filled with excitement and unexpected twists. That being said, not everyone enjoyed Season 12 as much as everyone else, and that seems to include popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1. 

The Twitch star recently basted it in one of his streams. “This season was trash!” he exclaimed, stating it was not great from start to finish. The Twitch star also said that he thinks Riot was well aware of this and tried to make it better, but that was not enough according to him. 

“The season started, and we had normal game MMR abusers everywhere and transfer accounts everywhere,” Tyler1 said. “People started the season getting D1 and duoing and then dodging placements.”

It wasn’t all 100% bad, however. When Tyler1 hit Challenger on Support, things started looking better for him. However, when he streamed for 14 hours a day in South Korea between May and June, everything seemed to once again go downhill. He experienced massive losing streams and found himself at odds with most teammates, and this trend did not improve much when he returned home.  

The Twitch streamer also said that betters followed him back to North America, and they plagued his League games for another two to three months. “Now it’s the end of the season. We hit Challenger two weeks ago. I tried to camp it. I tried to camp Challenger. That didn’t work. We had to play our decay games. We lost every decay game. Then we just kept losing. Now we’re down to like 490 LP. Climbed back up to 700,” Tyler1 said. 

But the actual gameplay of the season of League was not the only thing the streamer criticized. Recently, he criticized how Riot managed the broadcasting of the Worlds 2022 Finals. He said that the cameras focused too much on Keria, who was visibly shaken and upset after his team T1 lost to DRX.

Considering LoL’s next season begins in January 2023, Tyler1 will have to endure what he is currently unhappy with for a few more weeks.

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