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Published: September 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Content creators are “receiving” millions of dollars on singular donations
  • These aren’t real but are instead a new exploit that trolls use to mess with the stream’s chat
  • Many suspect the issue lies in the streaming software Streamlabs

Several popular Twitch streamers have been trolled with donations that apparently give them millions of dollars each thanks to a suspected chat-altering Streamlabs exploit.

Streamers Receive Fake Donations

Aside from subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue, one of the many ways big streamers make money on Twitch is through donations. The direct nature of these viewer contributions and the fact that the content creators do not have to split them with Twitch makes donations one of the more lucrative ways of making money on the platform.

However, the system is not without its flaws and exploits, and a recent bug has become an effective tool to troll streamers. Many content creators, including a handful of popular figures like Forsen and LoL icon Jankos, have received “millions” of dollars in singular donations thanks to a seemingly new flaw in the system.

In Forsen’s latest September 17 broadcast, the content creator received a donation of $999,999.99, interrupting his latest Minecraft speedrun attempt. Naturally, the streamer was stubbed for a moment, taking a pause in his gameplay to doublecheck the suspiciously large sum he had apparently received.

It wasn’t long, however, before Forsen realized that this was some kind of exploit. “Obviously it’s a bug,” he said soon after. “It’s just gonna become a clown fiesta. [Twitch] should probably look into that, whatever it is. It wasn’t even donations, he just bypassed it somehow. First one to do it, props to him.”

Forsen was not the only big streamer who encountered the peculiar new method of trolling. The same day, League of Legends professional player and streamer Jankos received a nearly $ 19 million donation with a description that read “hackerone > twitch”, and an $8 million shortly afterward. Of course, the streamer also quickly realized that this was an unrealistic amount of money, suggesting it was an exploit used to troll streamers. “That’s a lot of cash, bro,” Jankos sarcastically responded.

Many other streamers received similarly large sums of money yesterday, suggesting the troll attacks might be a directed effort. That, or the exploit used has been recently discovered by said trolls. In a Reddit discussion, fans speculated that the issue might lie in Streamlabs, the software most Twitch streamers use.

So far, neither Twitch nor Streamlabs have yet to comment on the issue, so content creators might still be “receiving” huge amounts of money for some time before the speculated exploit is fixed.

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