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Published: January 18, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Trymbi, Comp, Upset and UNF0RGIVEN are the only players with a double-digit KDA in the new LEC season
  • The players have performed spectacularly, guiding their respective teams to victory
  • It is exciting to see how those elites will perform in the second week of the Spring Split

Trymbi, Comp, Upset and UNF0RGIVEN have demonstrated why they rank among the best as they were the only LEC players who have achieved a double-digit KDA.

Only Four Players Have Scored a Double-Digit KDA

The first week of League of Legends esports for the year saw some interesting developments across all regions. Some of the fan favorites got defeated and new stars seem to be on the rise. Among all of the competition in the LEC some players’ efforts particularly stuck out as only four people in total managed to score double-digit KDAs.

Trymbi and Comp – Rogue’s Elite Duo

The American organization Rogue has the pleasure of fielding not one but two of those players. One of them is Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus, the team’s support player. He demonstrated great savvy for his role and is currently unmatched in his category with a jaw-dropping 17 KDA.

Markos CompStamkopoulos, Rogue’s bottom lane, is not too far behind with a 13.7 KDA. The Greek professional scored 20 kills throughout the first few games of the season and was defeated just three times. Comp and Trymbi provided invaluable help to their team which is why Rogue is currently one of the only two teams in the LEC that are still to lose a game.

Upset – A Controversial Professional

The next athlete with a double-digit KDA is Fnatic’s Elias “Upset” Lipp. Despite recently being involved in controversies, Upset remained calm and scored a 13 KDA. He fell nine of the team’s enemies and was killed only two times. Sadly, Fnatic preferred putting their efforts in the top lane and as a bottom laner, Upset didn’t have enough chance to shine. Still, thanks to his efforts and the skillful play from the rest of the team, Fnatic is the second team in the LEC without a loss.

UNF0RGIVEN – A Proud Lion

The last player on the list is William UNF0RGIVENNieminen. Although his team, MAD Lions, can’t brag about not losing a game, it can definitely be proud of UNF0RGIVEN’s performance. The player’s KDA is a bit lower than the rest of the players on this list, currently sitting at 12. However, UNF0RGIVEN’s daring plays have earned him 21 kills – the most of all LEC players.

It is greatly exciting to see how these elite professionals will unfold their potential as the competitive season progresses. The League of Legends European Championship will continue on January 21 with the second week of the Spring Split. 

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