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Published: November 4, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • LoL Worlds 2021 may be making a switch to a double-elimination format, according to John Needham
  • This is influenced by the feedback from fans and the success of the Chinese LoL Pro League
  • Riot Games still hasn’t made an official decision about this as of yet

Riot Games may adhere to the fan feedback and adopt a double-elimination format for the League of Legends World Championship 2021.

LoL Worlds 2021 May Go Double-Elimination

Riot Games is “definitely considering” adopting a double-elimination format for the League of Legends World Championship 2021. This was announced by none other than John Needham, the company’s global head of esports himself.

The reason why the World Championship is considering switching to a double-elimination format is thanks to community feedback and the success of the format in the Chinese League of Legends Professional League.

A double-elimination during the playoffs will make it less stressful for teams as they will have a second chance to prove their skill. It will make competitions more exciting as it will offer more opportunities for unexpected twists taking place. Furthermore, a double-elimination format means a higher total number of matches and more varied march-ups.

The LPL is already sporting this format and has seen some exciting turn of events. One team that managed to make the impossible happen is EDward Gaming. The team was defeated in a playoff match but had a second chance. EDward Gaming didn’t waste it and defeated all their opponents before claiming their sixth regional trophy.

Fan Feedback is Important to Riot

Luckily for all fans who have requested a double-elimination format for the World Championship, there are now some serious prospects of this happening as John Needham has personally addressed the matter.

Needham explained that Riot Games is rethinking its format every year in order to “deliver the most exciting competition” possible to League of Legends esports fans. As the company strives to make a tournament that is equally engaging to both fans of the game and teams that participate in the event, Riot realizes the need to implement some changes.

“We’re very aware of the LPL format and how well it works in China. It’s something we’ll definitely consider moving forward,” Needham said, sparking hope in the hearts of all people who wish a double-elimination mode for Worlds.

The change is far from being confirmed but it is definitely reassuring to hear that Riot is listening to fan feedback and is considering making the change.

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