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Published: April 29, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship in Teamfight Tactics begins tomorrow
  • The best 32 players from a total of eight regions will play for a share of the $300,000 prize pool and the golden spatula trophy
  • The event will be the biggest TFT tournament yet

The Gizmos and Gadgets Championship begins tomorrow and will see the best Teamfight Tactics athletes clash for a share of the prize pool and a shot at the golden spatula.

The Gizmos and Gadgets Championship Begins Tomorrow

The Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship, the biggest Teamfight Tactics tournament in the world, starts tomorrow. It will see the top athletes from across the globe play for a share of the biggest prize pool in competitive TFT.

The event will continue for three days starting April 29 and will welcome 32 players from a total of eight regions. The best athlete will get the lion’s share of the $300,000 prize pool and the golden spatula trophy.

The new trophy is inspired by the famous in-game spatula item. It is plated in pure gold and decorated with silver accents. The one who wins the trophy will also get to bring $48,000 back home.

The Best Players in the World Will Play for Glory

The first two days of the event will see the players compete in a total of six games. Only 16 of them will get to play on the second tournament day and only 8 of them will advance to the final day.

The current event will be more diverse than ever as this will be the first time Riot Games has opted to host a TFT World Championship with 32 players. The company vowed to provide certain regions with more opportunities and plans to make the current tournament the most spectacular one yet.

Here are the participants and their respective leagues:


  • KC Double61
  • Sly Voltariux
  • L3S Coco
  • AEG UN33D
  • AGO Zbrojson


  • CN.Ahao
  • CN.Liluo
  • CN.Xilige
  • CN.Kuangluan
  • CN.Liuli

North America:

  • Milk Guy
  • Liquid Goose
  • Guubums
  • DQA


  • DH.CNJ Woozzul
  • DR OH
  • Bullbo
  • DH.CNJ Ddudu


  • KDA Math108
  • Bee Koala

Latin America:

  • Q1G Altenahue
  • Fan the Qiqi
  • SimpDeMegumin


  • Title
  • Apao9Neo


  • TXE

Asia Cup Qualified Players:

  • CN.Huanmie (China)
  • Agotaboy (Korea)

Western LCQ Qualified Players:

  • Eusouolucas
  • Ginggg
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