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Published: December 10, 2021

Written by: David Kent

Adam and Upset continue to grow antagonistic against one another, which eventually dragged Upset’s girlfriend into the fray.

Upset’s Wife Gets Involved

The drama between Fnatic’s AD carry Elias “Upset” Lipp and the organization’s former member Adam “Adam” Maanane deepens. Adam, who left the team because of Upset, is now hellbent on getting back to him. Things are slowly spiraling out of control, however, as Adam’s fanbase has started targeting Upset’s wife.

The story began a day before the League of Legends World Championship 2021 when Upset had to suddenly head back home because of familial matters. The player refused to elaborate to his teammates which eventually took in a substitute and performed terribly at Worlds. When Upset came back, he acted as if nothing had happened and immediately started bossing around, saying that is not fit for the team. This prompted Adam to leave the organization and his fanbase to unleash unholy retribution on social media.

According to Upset’s wife, Paula, Adam’s disgruntled fans are harassing her, with some allegedly going as far as sending her death threats.

Paula didn’t reveal what Adam’s fans have said to her but she accuses Adam for what his fanbase is saying, regardless if he is directly responsible or not, deepening the divide between him and Upset.

Adam Continues Rubbing Salt Into The Wound

At first, Adam was really let down that Upset wanted him away from the team as soon as he returned from his absence. The pro player has spoken about his experience, revealing that he had some amazing moments as a part of Fnatic and hopes to one day work with the team again. The latter seems unlikely now, as Adam has grown sourer and sourer with Upset as time has passed.

At first, when Adam announced his leave, he revealed to his fanbase that he feels that Upset’s leave before Worlds was unjustified. Adam believes that after a year of training, Upset should have trusted his teammates enough to reveal the cause for his absence. As this didn’t happen, Adam came to believe that Upset didn’t actually have a genuine reason and went as far as accusing him of leaving “to be with his girlfriend who was lonely.”

With Adam out of the team, he has decided that there is nothing for him to lose anymore, and has loaded some big shots, changing his in-game name to “Lonely Wife UwU” to rub some more salt into the wound.

Upset’s fanbase wasn’t really delighted by this and in turn, called him childish for still not letting it go and continuing his crusade against Upset.

In any case, as a young talent, Adam won’t stay orgless for long. According to reports, he has been already picked up by Team BDS.

Regardless of which side you support, it will definitely be thrilling to see Adam and Upset clash on the battlefield as the next competitive season begins.

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