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Published: October 25, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • DRX managed an incredible reverse sweep of EDG in the quarterfinals
  • The team’s ADC Daft has an emotional moment during the after-match interview
  • The star also talked about his plans after the Worlds 2022

Professional esports players are humans too and Daft’s recent emotional interview at the League of Legends World Championship 2022 is proof of that. 

Daft Has an Emotional Moment

The grand finals of the biggest League of Legends event of the year, the World Championship 2022, is fast approaching, but teams first have to get through the quarterfinals and semifinals. As the final event of the tournament approaches, the stakes are getting higher, and with them, emotions flare up. 

And when unexpected things happen at the Championship, those emotions come bursting out of players. This is what happened to DRX’s star AD carry, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu after his team miraculously turned the tides of battle and won against EDward Gaming in the quarterfinal tournament. 

Following DRX’s remarkable reverse sweep, the 26-year-old AD carry was interviewed about his thoughts on the match. It seems, however, that pas the point where the stress that had been building up during the difficult match against EDG decided to come out.

What Are the Star’s Future Plans?

Despite his momentary over-emotional state, Deft quickly composed himself and said a few positive things about his performance during the whole tournament so far. “Even if we cannot win Worlds, I just wanted to get this impression that I’m making progress, I’m getting better,” Deft said. “And throughout this series, I kinda realized I am getting better, so I’m so happy,”

Playing since February 2013, when he first joined MVP Blue, the 26-year-old veteran already has a bunch of titles behind him and is still making progress. But despite claiming an LCK trophy, an LPL trophy, and a Mid-Season Invitational title, and having numerous Worlds appearances, he has only made it to the semifinals on two occasions— at the start of his career in 2014 and now in 2022.

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to think that winning the World Championship is one of Deft’s biggest dreams. But even if this is the case, the player pointed out he might retire from professional gaming. “After Worlds, depending on the results, I might retire. As a professional gamer… winning at Worlds is my last goal, which I haven’t achieved yet.”

One of the reasons Daft will retire is that he is expected to undergo mandatory military service in South Korea. However, about a month ago he said the issue with his military service might be resolved, so there is still a chance we might see Daft play on the grand stage next year as well. 

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