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Published: March 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Teamfight Tactics will be getting its seventh Set update in one of the following months
  • Set 7 will introduce new characters, themes and mechanics to the game
  • Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer implied that a mechanic similar to the Armory is coming soon

Teamfight Tactics’ Set 7 will introduce new characters, themes, and a mechanic similar to the fan-favorite Armory.

Mortdog Teased Fans with Subtle Hints

Riot Games’ autobattler Teamfight Tactics will soon be getting a new content update. The so-called Set 7 will bring in new characters as well as exciting new mechanics.

While an exact release date has not been announced as of yet, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, Riot Games’ game design director, teased fans with exclusive insights into what is to come. In a weekend stream, he spoke about Set 7, revealing more about its direction.

One of the most notable things he hinted at is that the seventh Set will introduce a mechanic that is the same or similar to the beloved Armory mechanic. Here are his exact words:

“The thing we are working on for Set Seven, I think will make a lot of people who miss Armory happy.”

While this vague teaser does not necessarily mean the mechanic will be an exact copy of the Armory, it implies that it will be something equally as exciting.

What Do We Know about Set 7?

As we already knew from a January dev video, Set 7 is going to take place in the Dragon realms. Geoffrey “Craftbrew” Virtue, Teamfight Tactics’ executive producer, described it as a place where clans compete for power across various islands, with each worshipping their own powerful ancient dragons.

Craftbrew said that the new Set is going to build a mechanic around the Hextech Augments to bring replayability and a new layer of strategy.

We also know that new characters from the World of Runeterra will be making their way into the game. The majority of these haven’t been confirmed yet, except for Illaoi. A recent leak from the Chinese version of TFT, however, implies that characters such as Brand, Kai’Sa, Karma, Lee Sin, Sett, Thresh, Volibear and Yasuo are going to join the game’s roster.

Riot Games have previously said that Set 7 is scheduled for “summer 2022,” so fans can expect it to be released in May or June as a celebration of the game’s third anniversary.

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