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Published: September 21, 2021

Written by: David

  • Riot Games revealed details about the World Championship in Teamfight Tactics
  • The tournament will begin on October 1, will have 20 players from eight regions and a prize pool of $250,000
  • It will take place online because of the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

With the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning beginning in 10 days, Riot Games revealed more details about the event.

Date and Venue of the Event

Riot Games has announced more important details about the Teamfight Tactics World Championship or as it is known – Teamfight Tactics Reckoning.

The event in Riot’s round-based strategy game is set to begin on October 1 and will last for four days with grand finals on October 4. Twenty of the best players from eight different regions will take part in the spectacular online event.

Teamfight Tactics Reckoning was originally set to take place in China. However, the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic busted those plans, much like what happened to the League of Legends World Championship. Although the LoL event was eventually moved to Iceland, Riot decided that it’s for the best to just host the TFT Reckoning Worlds as a fully digital event.

TFT Reckoning: Format and Players

Since a Teamfight Tactics game is played with eight players Riot has devised a convenient schedule to fit in all 20 participants.

On the first day, the bottom seeds of the eight regions will play against one another with the top four of them advancing to the second day. On day two, eight of the remaining sixteen players will play together, with four advancing to the finals. On the next day, the same will repeat with the other eight players with another four people qualifying for the grand final.

The eight people who have reached the grand finals on day 4 will play for the champion’s title and a share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Finally, here is a list of the players and their respective regions. The four Chinese players are yet to be announced as the qualifiers in the Asian country are still ongoing. The players from the region will be announced on September 25, as soon as the qualifiers end.  


  • AceofSpadesITA (Italy)
  • Balotelli777 (Italy)
  • DV1 Shircane (Poland)
  • Gluteus Maximus (Germany)

North America

  • Delicious Milk
  • Robinsongz
  • SpencerTFT


  • Ddudu
  • Woojung


  • EusouoLucas
  • INC Mplete


  • El Tomo
  • Sealcune Mbappe


  • nukomaru


  • Escha


  • TBA
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