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Published: January 26, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Kaiser seems to have a very positive outlook for the competition
  • He likes the new format saying it allows for more practice
  • Kaiser thinks Team Vitality’s fans are great

The League of Legends European Championship might have a new format that not everyone likes, but Team Vitality’s Kaiser is on quite the opposite opinion. 

Kaiser Talks About LEC 2023

We are well into the year’s competitive League of Legends season and many fans’ eyes are turned toward the European Championship. With renewed teams such as Team Vitality’s rebuilt roster on the line, the season promises to be an exciting one. Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser is one of the team’s new acquisitions, coming from MAD, and he recently shared some positive thoughts about the prospects of his team and the LEC as a whole.

The LEC has a new format in 2023 that features more best-of-three and best-of-five series throughout the year in an attempt to make matches longer and more interesting. In an interview for Blix, Kaiser was asked what he thinks of the new format, to which he responded positively. 

“I really like them actually, because they give better practice for international events. You have more best-of-threes to play, best-of-fives to play.” He explained that the greater number of matches brings more opportunities for training. “It gets rookies a lot more experience and I think it’s just going to make the teams better,” Kaiser said.

But the match format itself is not the only thing the 24-year-old player likes about the revamped LEC. When asked what he thinks of the fact that this year sees more teams competing, Kaiser said that he is very excited. “It’s good because I think there are a lot of competitive teams right now, for example, G2, and KOI; those are the teams that are really good,” he said. 

Kaiser also pointed out that the teams have improved recently, which will pose a greater challenge in front of Vitality. “I think the split will be really competitive, of course, there are going to be some teams that are less good than others but I think it’s natural, the average level of teams will surely increase and I think the [performance] cap of some teams will increase, for example, I think G2’s cap has increased and I think VIT, of course, we have so much potential.”

Kaiser also had a few positive words to say about the fandom. Although the LEC 2023 has seen a significant decrease in viewership compared to last year, Kaiser thinks that Team Vitality’s fans are still very interested and invested. “It’s just like on every post or, like, every picture you have some nice messages from VIT fans and I don’t really think MAD Lions had that kind of fans,” Kaiser explained. 

Although the LEC’s new format and streaming times might have impacted its viewership, if we take a look at what Kaiser thinks, we might see its popularity increase in the following months.

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