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Published: February 19, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The esports organization collaborates with supermarket chain ALDI for this academy roster
  • The team will have full access to Vitality’s V.Hive and V.Performance training centers
  • ALDI is determined to position itself as a committed partner in the esports sector

Team Vitality has created their seventh team, the all-female League of Legends team French Bees, to join the French female competitive LoL scene.

Vitality Unveils French Bees

The French Bees is the newest all-female League of Legends team to join the competitive scene. The new roster is fielded by French esports giant Team Vitality in collaboration with the international supermarket chain ALDI. The French Bees become the seventh team under Vitality’s banner and join the likes of the organization’s CS:GO, Rocket League, and LEC LoL rosters. 

Vitality hopes that its new roster will be able to compete in several key French competitions in 2023, starting with the MasterCard Nexus Tour (formerly Open Tour France). The French Bees also plan to play for the title in the Women’s League and also participate in French LAN throughout the year.

ALDI commits to sponsor the new team with Team Vitality promising to put its expertise and strengths at the service of the French Bees team to help them achieve the highest levels in the French League of Legends scene. The Bees will benefit from Vitality’s premium resources provided throughout the year, which include its top-notch training centers V.Hive and V.Performance.

“We are very proud to present our first all-women team within Team Vitality,” said the President and co-founder of Team Vitality Fabien “Neo” Devide. “Through this new academy project, we remain faithful to our strategy of identifying, developing, and promoting talent. We hope that this team will go as far as possible in the competition and help pave the way for the further development of women’s esports in France.”

The French Bees are going to be coached by Shac Nicholson and include:

  • Coline “Chubby Daddy” Reiter, Strasbourg (France), 24 years old, Top Laner
    Peak elo: Diamond 1 76 lp
  • Lexa “Lexa” Grellier, Rennes (France), 21 years old, Jungler
    Peak elo: Master 56 lp
  • Alyssa “saï” Lenoir, Pérenchies (France), 18 years old, Midlaner
    Peak elo: Diamond 2 62 lp
  • Emeline “Kasane” Baudouin, Tour (France), 24 years old, Support
    Peak elo : Master 282 lp
  • Velouria “Viki” Baty, Paris (France), 25 years old, ADC and Captain
    Peak elo : Master 235 lp

ALDI’s sponsorship of the French Bees is a testament to the company’s dedication to positioning itself as a committed partner in the esports sector. Anne-Marie Gaultier, Marketing and Communication Director at ALDI France, reaffirmed the company’s commitment. “There is no doubt that everyone has a place in esports, regardless of gender, age, or status,” she said. “This sector is one of the favorite playgrounds of the younger generations, it can naturally act as a vector for progress in terms of parity within society, and we are committed to contributing to this movement.”

The French Bees will debut at the MasterCard Nexus Tour, which starts on February 18.

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