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Published: January 17, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Team Vitality was considered to be one of the best LoL teams but is now having a hard time
  • The French squad lost all three games it played during week one of the LEC Spring Split
  • The team will try to make up for its losses in the second week of the tournament

Team Vitality, one of the European favorites, has failed to score a single victory during the first week of the LEC Spring Split.

Team Vitality Lost Three Games in a Row

The League of Legends team of the French esports organization Team Vitality seems to be on a losing streak. This is an unpleasant outcome for Vitality’s fans and one of the many surprises of the LEC Spring Split 2022.

Before the season started, Team Vitality was considered to be one of the top guns of the European League of Legends esports scene. Despite what fans expected, the team is yet to score a single victory.

Vitality has a record of 0:3 as of the time of this writing. The French players lost three games against their competitors from MAD Lions, Fnatic, and Excel Esports.

While the games weren’t always one-sided, it seems that Team Vitality isn’t in its prime. If things continue being like this, we can potentially expect roster reshuffling in the near future.

Team Vitality Versus Excel Esports

The game between Vitality and Excel is the last match in which the French team participated. It was a fairly short showdown that lasted no more than 38 minutes.

Both Vitality and Excel opened their games with a fairly passive strategy. Because of this, no kill was scored until the sixth minute when Patrik “Patrick” Jíru scored the first takedown for Excel. The British team moved on to get the first dragon.

The game was equally matched as both teams suffered casualties. Yet, Excel made the most out of its battles. Vitality snatched the next dragon but Excel decimated them in team fights and proceeded to take the next three dragons and the Baron.

In the end, the British team gained way too much of an advantage in both EXP and gold. Despite Vitality’s best efforts, they couldn’t deal with the difference in strength and map control and started to fall behind. Still, Team Vitality fought valiantly to the very end, even managing to win some objectives in the late game.

With this loss, Team Vitality has concluded the first week of the LEC Spring Split with a 0:3 record. There is still time for them to make up for their losses in the second week which begins this Friday.

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